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Google reveals seven retail tools aiming AI enterprises

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One of the most significant IT product based company Google Cloud has now revealed a suite of seven new retail solutions suffused in the Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence which even consists of visual product search, contact center, AutoML, e-commerce hosting, real-time inventory management, analytics, Recommendations AI and empowered associates.

The search giant gave some of the specific cases wherein the solutions could also prove useful. E-commerce hosting, for example, can avert money losing scenarios in case of a website crash of an online retailer at the time of peak traffic.

Google revealed in a release that the real-time inventory analytics and management could provide retailers with valuable data to improve the in-store experience of its users.

With the help of an Auto Machine Learning Tables, Artificial Intelligence, which is still in the beta mode, can help the retailers to be better predict demand, thus even enabling them to fill the portfolios gaps in advance, among the other things. These AutoML Tables does by also building the machine learning models on the structured data and thus even reducing this total time for modeling from weeks to a few days ago.

Some other AI enabled solutions among the seven released tools are the recommendations AI and vision product search.

For all the new tools, the release stated that the Google is also working with the system integrated partners like the Deloitte, Capgemini, and Accenture and with the software partners like the SAP, Salesforce and Tableau.

Google Cloud‘s Document Understanding AI helps us identify form fields, text passage, tables, and graphs, as well as customer-specific keyword matching, for customized workloads,” said Jim O’Dorisio, senior vice-president for emerging commercial solutions, Iron Mountain, which is a US data management company.

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