Google Rivals Introduce Overture Maps Foundation With Open Access to Mapping Data

Google Rivals Introduce Overture Maps Foundation With Open Access to Mapping Data 1

Google rivals have introduced the latest project to make the data freely available sets for map features to be built into online offerings.

Google Rivals dominates online mapping and selling its services to other companies or platforms and using location and navigation capabilities so that it can enhance offerings like online advertising.

Meta, Microsoft, TomTom, and Amazon Web Services have made the introduction of Overture Maps Foundation. The objective of Overture Maps Foundation is to make comprehensive mapping data available for use by whoever may need it.

Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin mentioned that mapping the physical environment and every community in the world, even as they grow and modify, is a massively complex challenge that no one organization can manage.

All the other industries need to come together to do this for the benefit.

Google was unavailable in the list of companies teaming up in Overture that aims to expand membership to speed up progress.

It is expected from the coalition  to release its first mapping datasets by the middle of 2023.

Maps at Meta engineering director Jan Erik Solem said that immersive experiences, which understand and blend into your physical environment, are critical to the embodied internet of the future.

By delivering interoperable open map data, Overture helps facilitate the foundation for an open metaverse built by creators, developers, and businesses.

Linux Foundation have said that, Map data already underlies applications for search, navigation, logistics, games, autonomous driving, and more.

Overture map data will be open source, which simply states that the developers are free to use it and build on it.

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