Google rolls out upgrades for Google Assistant

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Google rolls out upgrades for Google Assistant 1

Google Input/Output, the search giant’s annual developer conference that just took place in California, Mountain view, this year, saw many announcements which include the upgrades to Google Assistant, new features in the mobile OS Android Q and newer security and productivity tools across the platforms and products.


The platform also revealed that it has now reached a new milestone with the Google Assistant, which now features new language analysis model and speech recognition that reduce space consumption in the cloud. While previous recognition software occupied close to 100 GB data, the newer models will also now use less than half a gigabyte in the cloud, according to the report.

The new Artificial Intelligence enabled models can now be run locally on the phones. This even provides the bandwidth to process speech on the smartphones to close to zero latency, with the real-time scenario transcription of audio, even without the help of an internet connection.

The new Assistant can also deliver 10 times faster answers and allows for multitasking across applications. “With Continued Conversation, you can make several requests in a row without having to say “Hey Google” each time. The next-generation Assistant is coming to new Pixel phones later this year,” said Manuel Bronstein, vice-president of product, Assistant.

Android Q

Android  Q will also support the foldable smartphones and multi-tasking. It will be able to adapt to different screen dimensions, and will also be the first OS to support 5G. it also provides app developer tools for faster connectivity and gives enhances the experience for the Augmented Reality and gaming.

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