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Google to allow users to comment on search results

One of the largest search engines, Google is now planning to add a new feature which will further enhance the search experience. Google is working on a new feature will allow the users to leave comments on the search results. The details regarding this new feature were unveiled in the official document by Google. The document explains that how the users can leave the comments and read the comments from others on the search results.

There will also be a page which is dedicated to the comments within the search engine contributions section of the users; Google profiles reveal the help document as well. According to the page which is spotted by the Search Engine Journal, Google will allow the users to add the comments to sports games while they are happening and working lives.

“You can leave comments on things you’ve searched for on Google,” the official Google help page describes the new feature. The listing does indicate that Google intends to roll out the feature sooner and users will be able to comment on additional content as well. Comments are not yet live in Google search results, but it is clear that the feature is in development, but it is likely to be available in the near future.

Google Search Comment Feature: Things to know

Google Search Engine Support document notes that the comments cannot be left just like the anonymously and users will going to have to be logged into their Google account. It is also possible for the users to delete the comments after they publish them, And there will also going to be an option for the like and dislike button.

Google is now looking to build a social media of sorts within the search results.

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