Google to help people read badly handwritten doctor prescriptions

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Google to help people read badly handwritten doctor prescriptions 1

It is a part of the joke that nobody can read the handwriting of a doctor, not even another doctor! Health professionals always write prescriptions in a hurry as they work for longer hours by attending to several patients in a day.


Thus, it becomes quite difficult to understand or even identify the medicines mentioned in the prescription and to make that task simple and easy. In the current situation, Google is processing a model that would be helpful for the smooth reading of the handwriting of the doctor’s prescriptions.

Per the announcement of Google that was released on Monday about an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) model that can be helpful in identifying and highlighting the medicines within difficult-to-read handwritten prescriptions.

In the annual conference that was held in India, Google made an announcement of working with pharmacists to find out ways to decode handwritten notes by doctors.

The characteristics are currently a research prototype and are not available to the general public at this moment. As per the recent updates, the feature will allow the users to either take a picture of the prescription they want to get decoded or upload a picture from their photo gallery.

Once the picture is uploaded, it is the role of the Google application to identify and highlight the medicines that are already mentioned in the prescription.

According to Google, these characteristics will act as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents by augmenting the humans in the loop, such as pharmacists. There are no decisions that will be made solely based on the output that is provided by this technology.

The AI tool will be created in Google Lens that can decode the notes of the medicines. The feature was unveiled by Google during its ‘AI for India’ event. The platform said that many of the tasks are still in the developmental stage before this system is ready for the real world. Google’s Lens feature can be used to detect objects of any kind and translate languages.

At this event, Google mentioned that the team is working on ways to harness advanced AI and ML capabilities along with remote sensing technology. They are working forward to develop a model that can help generate a holistic understanding of India’s agricultural landscape.

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