Google TV and Android TV OS to make more developer tools

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Google TV and Android TV

Google TV is a smart television created by Google, Intel, Sony, and Logitech as part of a joint venture. In October 2010, the TV was originally built utilizing Sony and Logitech hardware. Later on, Google combined the Android OS and the Chrome browser experience to produce an interactive TV experience which included top internet websites. In June 2014, Android TV replaced Google TV as a modern platform which has a direct link to the Android OS integrating graphs and supports casting from Android mobile devices. 

What’s the news? 

Google TV in June 2014 evolved as a full-fledged Android TV, which is an adaptation of the Android OS for Set-top-boxes and as built-in software on Smart TVs. The home screen has a vertically scrolling, row-based layout that includes an option to explore more content with suggestions. There are rows with content that are available through installed apps.

In the current age there is no dearth for content in the entertainment industry. Research indicates that in the US, one out of three houses currently watches over 25 hours of television every week. As per Google, their primary objective is to provide a TV experience that is personalized and customized to the individual, where users would be able to access the content quickly and in such a manner that the role of television continues to develop. 

Where do Google TV & Android TV stand in the future?

The future of Android TV is exciting considering the fact that now there are over 110 million monthly active devices, which also includes millions of Google TVs. presently, Android TV and Google TV are available all around the world with nearly 300 partners. The partners include 7 out of 10 top largest smart TV OEMs, along with over 170 pay TV operators.

Google has been consistently developing  new features that promote a more engaging experience with Android TV. In addition to regular updates to the platform, new capabilities such as enhanced integrations with Live Tab have also been added which allows users to connect better with the content of their choosing. 

With the introduction of WatchNext API, as a part of the apps on the smart TV platform, users can now discover more content that is suitable to their particular taste. The introduction of Android 13, which has advanced features that focus on the overall performance & quality, improved accessibility, and enables the multitasking feature. 

Features we can’t miss!

Several new features that are being announced to be added to the Android TV OS enabling a better experience for users. Certain features are available already and many are to be added soon enough in future. 

  • Firebase Test Lab: On behalf of developers every week, Firebase test lab conducts millions of tests for various features. With Firebase being added to Android TV based on response to the demands of the developers around the world. Although physical devices are being manufactured, virtual devices from Firebase Labs are capable of running the application in the cloud of the Android TV emulators, allowing developers to expand the scale of their tests over hundreds or thousands of virtual devices. 
  • Android 12 Beta 1: An important feature has been added to the Android TV is the update for Android 12 Beta 1 for TV on ADT-3. Many of the enhancements and improvements planned with Android 12 will be available to the developer community with this version. 
  • Cast Connect: Through the help of this application users now may cast content from their phones tablets, or Chrome browsers on their Android TV. The additional feature developed supports the transfer of material to other devices, and plays music on numerous devices through a special feature called Stream Transfer and Expansion. 
  • Emulator Updates: Google recently released a new feature which has been termed as the Google TV Emulator, which runs on Android 11. The purpose of this update/ tool is to help developers be able to operate their app better on Google TV without requiring new hardware. An Android 11 picture with the conventional Android TV experience will also be available. Within the Emulator, users may now utilize a remote that more closely resembles TV remotes.
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