Google unveils Next Hub Max, a home device with a camera

The Nest Hub Max is the first member of the Google newly expanded Nest product family. Google has now also officially revealed the Nest Hub max which is just a 10-inch smart display that is also essentially the Google Home Max, Nest camera and the Google Home Hub integrated into just a singular device. It is coming by the end of this summer and will be priced at the cost of $229.

The Nest Hub Max is also designed to be a single device which will also serve as an entry point to the Google entire smart home range of different features. Apart from being the best smart display, or the best smart home security camera, or the best smart speaker, as it is an all in one device that will be going to target the users who are just getting started with the smart home products.

The camera on the Nest Hub max is also said to be as the smartest cam on any of the smart display. Moreover, to recognize your face, you can also use it as a security monitor and get alerts if it detects any of the motion. It is also smart enough to even recognize the gestures and track your motion if you are moving around at the time of video call.

At just the cost of $229, it is an absolute steal for someone who does not already have a smart speaker, Next Camera or display. By even encompassing all of these into just one device, designed to sit into the busiest parts of the home, it also offers a lot of value for the particular customer.


Written by Udit Agarwal

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