Google Voice to Alert Users With ‘Suspected Spam Caller’ Warning

By Srikanth
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Google Voice to Alert Users With 'Suspected Spam Caller' Warning 1

Google Voice is going to make the things easy for users to ignore spam calls with the launch of a new update of Google. Recently, Google took the initiative to include a warning to its Voice feature, which will alert the user by flagging the “Suspected spam caller” label on calls that may seem suspicious. By this launch, the user can remove a number from the spam list by simply marking a call to be not spam. This is going to enhance the security of the calling feature to Google Voice’s recent addition of Wi-Fi and network cellular switching.


As per the certain report, Google Voice will now protect its users from unwanted calls and potentially harmful scams by displaying a red “suspected spam caller” label on all calls that will appear suspicious. The numbers will be suspected by the AI as spam numbers.

The spam label for a number will be displayed on the caller screen and also in the call history. There is a choice of the user to add or remove the  span call by confirming the identity of the number as spam or a genuine contact. In case the number is confirmed to be spam, future calls from that particular contact number will go directly to voicemail. Meanwhile, removing a number from the spam list will not highlight any kind of warning on future calls.

Google has informed its users that the launch of the feature was initiated on December 29, and it may take up to 15 days for the feature to appear on Google Voice. The feature will be available to all Google Voice users.

The suspected spam label will be activated automatically in case the Voice spam filter is turned off. To automatically transmit a suspected spam call to voicemail, visit Settings > Security > Filter Spam >Turn it On the feature.

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