Google Wallet is anticipating a return with a new UI

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Google Wallet is anticipating a return with a new UI 1

The search engine giant company also have talked about its vision and mission to make Google Pay which is one of “a comprehensive digital wallet,” and it is more like the first major step in this direction might be the return of Google Wallet, a payments service company that gave up in favor of Pay. Screenshots of Google Wallet have already made an appearance, and it seems that it will arrive as part of the Google Pay app.


Here we discuss the same in the detailed form:

Google Wallet UI Seen in different set of Screenshots

Mishaal Rahman (senior technical editor at Esper) spelled out the new Wallet UI within Google Play Services, which will be a strategy for users to retain and manage their payment cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and even transit passes. This new Google Wallet User Interface will be a huge major slice of Google Pay to make it a peer-to-peer payments platform.

This new potential will be in addition to contactless payments, of course, which have clearly become an essential part of Google Play. Hence, the main branding will remain the same for Google Pay, and the Wallet will always be the secondary one. The screenshots also highlighted that Google Wallet would be able to behold airline passes, theater tickets, and more can be added to the list.

It is also among the announcements that Google Wallet will be able to show passes from a user’s Gmail account, and there might be another way in favor of the end-users to access passes from anywhere else too. There’s proof of a new Google Wallet logo, which strongly hints at a new UI Google Pay.

For those who are already aware of the fact, this new Google Wallet is just like a new rebirth of the standalone Google Wallet being revealed and launched in 2011. It facilitated the permission for NFC payments and was a location for people to secure their cards, gift cards, and more.

Wallet’s comeback might be much more fruitful for Google to combine things and helps the Google Pay to compete in a better way with Apple Pay, Paytm (in India), and such solutions. It is unpredictable beforehand how it is going to be once the Wallet gets launched.

Google I/O 2022 is ready to commence in the upcoming month, and maybe that’s when we might get to know about Google’s vision for its payments service.

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