Google Wants AI For Social Good

Google Wants AI For Social Good 1

One of the largest IT Tech Giant company, Google has revealed a new initiative which is called by the name as AI for Social Good, which aims to steer the vast company number of resources and expertise in the Artificial intelligence to projects with the positive impacts on the society.

The initiative is a joint venture between the, Google researchers and engineers and philanthropic arm. This new initiative is going to be kicked off with the AI Impact Challenge, which will dole out the $25 Million in grant funding as well as the access to Google resources to the worldwide non-profits.

“Artificial intelligence is not only helping people create more useful products,” Google’s AI chief Jeff Dean said Monday. “It’s also emerging as a useful tool for improving the society we live in.”

The initiative comes after as Google and some of the other technology giants are facing some of the hard ethical questions about the apps of their technologies. By the end of this year, Google also has to answer to both the external and internal critics about its work to provide the drone technology to the Pentagon as well as its cooperation with the Chinese government soon.

“With AI, we have another tool to explore and address hard, unanswered questions that have a societal impact,” Dean said.

“We’re entirely happy to work with the US government and other governments in ways that are consistent with our principles,” Dean told reporters Monday when asked about how Google may end up working further with the Pentagon.

“We want to make sure these results, the lessons learned, and the data and the products and features created, are available for everyone,” she said. “We work with folks ahead of time to make sure the IP that’s created is available in a permissive, open source manner. Every once in a while, there’s going to be a reason for a different IP framework or approach… but in general, we want to make sure that this is available for everyone.”

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