How Google Wants to ‘Humanize’ Artificial Intelligence

How Google Wants to ‘Humanize’ Artificial Intelligence1

Artificial intelligence often throws up disturbing images such as workplaces without humans, huge offices with only robots and computers etc. However, this de-humanized imagination of AI needs to be curbed and Google has understood that before than anyone else. They want a more humanitarian approach towards Artificial Intelligence as a technology and foreground its usefulness instead of making it pose as a job-eating, monstrous technology for mankind.

In an initiative, Google brought together its researchers to reflect on the human interaction with software driven by AI or machine learning. Since Google as well as Facebook is focusing on AI more and more, especially in the fields of natural language processing and image processing, they need to come forward.How Google Wants to ‘Humanize’ Artificial Intelligence

Figuring out the more human uses

Any software that can do well for humanity is largely considered to be a boon, otherwise it is a bane of worst kind. AI may do well for companies and enterprises, but everyone fears it to be a dangerous invention as it will shrink jobs more than ever before. Google’s recent project called PAIR or People plus AI Research is focused on finding more human uses of AI so that people don’t start treating it as the impending evil. Hence, AI will no longer simply focusing on empowering software but more for the immediate human concern.

Looking into the bush

The situation is obviously looking into the hedge for the search of a ball, because they did not think of AI in this way. However, PAIR has charted out few goals and targeted fields like medicine, farming and music so that they could investigate what good AI can do to these fields. Healthcare has been an industry of interest for Google and while did not mention what exactly would that intervention be, something has been cooking in its labs. PAIR is promised to provide inclusive uses of machine learning and not limit it to elite and exclusive uses of it in state-of-the-art devices. In fact, it is being reflected in their hiring policy too.

A surge for new researchers

New minds from the area of deep learning are joining the AI business more and more. While academicians believe that this sudden hoarding may not be the best thing for AI itself as it stalls the multifarious developments of AI to a few particular directions, Google and Facebook are hopeful about this hiring process. Google’s PAIR initiative is a peek into the future where AI will help you out of trouble instead of serving business needs and ends. Since AI works much faster than debuggers and testers, it may well herald new possibilities as everything becomes more and more digital. With new data coming in consistently, AI can improve itself and work for human civilization incessantly.

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