Google’s AI-Powered Search Experience Now Available in Hindi

By Srikanth
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Google's AI-Powered Search Experience Now Available in India in English and Hindi

In a bid to improve the search experience for users, Google introduced the Search Generative Experience (SGE), which is a generative AI-powered tool designed to enhance search results, a few months ago and now it has expanded the reach by launching the same in India.


The main focus is to deliver more informative and comprehensive AI-driven search results. Google Search users can now get concise answers and visual content related to their queries, alongside pointers to delve deeper into their chosen topics. Simultaneously, the new initiative facilitates smoother follow-up questions and creates a more natural conversational flow.

One distinctive aspect of SGE’s Indian launch is its availability in both English and Hindi considering the diverse user base. To kickstart this feature, users can simply follow these steps:

• Sign in to Google Chrome on your desktop or Google app.
• Click on the icon located in the top right corner of the browser.
• Enable the SGE option for generative AI in Search.
• Next, enjoy the seamless transformation of your search results into AI-powered content.

In a separate development, Google’s DeepMind subsidiary unveiled ‘SynthID,’ which is said to be a groundbreaking tool focused at identifying deepfakes within AI-generated images. It is currently in beta phase and applies a digital watermark directly onto image pixels that can only be detected by software for identification purposes.

The introduction of SynthID addresses the growing challenge of identifying AI-integrated images and deepfakes, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated. While some AI-generated images exhibit clear authenticity markers, others have the potential to deceive viewers. The new tool seeks to bridge this gap, offering a potential solution to the deepfake conundrum by making AI-manipulated images more noticeable through digital watermarking.

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