Google’s AI seeks further Go glory

Google's AI seeks further Go glory1

Go is a very popular game and recently Google is the new player in the field. Now Google is heard to be challenging some of China’s top players to different series of games against its own artificial intelligence technology. The software was supposed to play the best among three different matches. The games would be against some other human players in the city of Wuzhen located in the eastern region of China on a specified date. Last year the program launched by Google also recorded a victory culminating in a score of 4-1 against one of the top players of Go in the southern part of Korea. For some experts the result was a great surprise.

Recent Developments in the GameGoogle's AI seeks further Go glory

A number of experts had already been working with the game. It is one of the most challenging board games owned by the surviving remnants of artificial intelligence technology. It is a well known fact that the conventional type of human intelligence and wisdom would ultimately triumph. However, this would take the next ten years to accomplish. The Google victory was a type of wake up call for many people working in this sector, especially for people who are working outside the strictly governed community of artificial intelligence. The alpha go software which is used by Google was initially developed by a computer company of Britain called Deep mind. This was bought by the search firm in the US in the year 2014. The defeat of China is looked upon as a watershed moment in history. It is almost similar to the deep blue artificial intelligence of IBM beating the legendary Garry Kasparov at a game of chess in the year 1997. Some of the moves which the software used were completely against the conventional wisdom of human beings. However, these ultimately showed great results.

Newest Updates in the Field

Mr Ke is the recent number one player according to some records. However, there seems to be newer competition against him. This new competition has a lot of potential to bring more power and prestige to Google in the near future. At Google much effort is being given to make the new software even better and more creative. The program is learning a lot through such options as self play as well as training. It is a constant process of trial and error where it is learning from its own mistakes. At Google, there is an intention to publish even more scientific research proposals and papers. Such papers and proposals will provide more information on the software’s progress in the area of technology. Google is also planning to invite the great opponent Mr Lee. However, it is quite uncertain whether he would attend to such an invitation given how much he has to loose from it. Apart from the games, the new software will also do a number of things. It will be playing different games including a Chinese pro facing one another. Each of the opponents in the game would have access to the software. This would help to make the game much more interesting. It would also be challenging a team comprising of five people which would have some of China’s best players. They would be working together in order to try and defeat the artificial intelligence at its own game.

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