Google’s AI system can grade prostate cancer cells

Google's AI system can grade prostate cancer cells 1

Around one in nine men in America will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, according to the report which has been revealed and around more than 3 million patients have been diagnosed with it at the same point are still even alive today.

And just from seeing a cancer perspective, it tends to be so much problematic prostate cancer is nonaggressive which makes it difficult to determine that which procedures might be going to be necessary.

Google has now made headway in diagnosing it, with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Google researchers have described a system which uses the Gleason Score, which is a grading system which classifies cancer cells which is moreover based on how closely they resemble some of the normal prostate glands to detect the problematic masses in samples.

The goal which is more according to the technical lead Martin Stumple and Google artificial Intelligence healthcare product Manager Craig Marmel was to develop AI which could easily perform the Gleason grading objectively and much more precisely.

“We developed a deep learning system (DLS) that mirrors a pathologist’s workflow by first categorizing each region in a slide into a Gleason pattern, with lower patterns corresponding to tumors that more closely resemble normal prostate glands,” they wrote. “The higher the grade group, the greater the risk of further cancer progression and the more likely the patient is to benefit from treatment.”

“There is much more work to be done before systems like our DLS can be used to improve the care of prostate cancer patients,” Stumpe and Mermel wrote. “Nonetheless, we are excited about the potential of technologies like this to significantly improve cancer diagnostics and patient care.”

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