Google’s Daydream Is The Future Of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been on the block for quite sometime now, but unfortunately, the promising tech hasn’t been able to hit its mark yet. But, Google’s Daydream VR could end up changing this scenario.

Being hailed as the future of virtual reality by various tech experts, Google’s Daydream VR was revealed at the company’s live event in San Francisco today. The recent launch is the evolution of VR from the tech giant’s Cardboard platform. Google’s first Smartphone, Google Pixel will be the first smartphone in the market that will be Daydream compatible.
Google describes Daydream View as a “really comfortable” headset that one can put their phone into in order to connect wirelessly to the headset and a small remote.

One of the greatest advantage of the setup is, that it involves no cables whatsoever. One isn’t required to plug into a computer or a console, or plug their phones into the headset. The result is much less cable cluttering than what is currently existing in various high-end VR setups.

Launching this November, the Daydream View will cost a mere $79. The figure is about $300 less than a PlayStation VR, over $500 less than an Oculus Rift, and over $700 less than an HTC Vive. Well, of course, a Google Pixel Smartphone would cost $649 per piece, but mobile phones are often bought on EMI basis and hence don’t end up stinging ones’ pocket that much. Further, almost everyone nowadays owns a Smartphone. For anyone who already owns a Daydream compatible phone, Daydream View is for sure a must have.

Google calls its Daydream View a comfortable headset because most of it is made out of microfiber. Hence, it is extremely light and breathable. This means, they’re much more comfortable than a majority of bulky, uncomfortable VR headsets currently in the market. Further, it is extremely simple to use. One has to simply drop their phone into the headset, and it automatically switches itself to the VR mode.

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