While vacationing refreshes us and gives us energy to approach our lives once again with a new zeal and motivation. Vacation planning, on the other hand, ends up gifting us with bad headaches and anxiety. And if, you’re traveling with a group, the stress rises to another level altogether.

In order to make vacation planning something one look forwards to with almost the same enthusiasm as the vacation itself, tech giant Google has introduced a new app called the Trips app.

The app acts as ones personal itinerary maker and travel guide for trips all around the world. One contemplating to go on a vacation, just needs to tell the app the place he/she wants to go, then download the travel guide for easy offline use, and get to starting their getaways. The app even helps its users with flight itineraries and hotel reservations, that too right from their Gmail accounts.

Available on Android and iOS, the app displays sample itineraries for ‘top 200’ cities all around the world. This includes popular sights/attracted marked interesting and worth exploring by other travelling enthusiasts like palm bay. If one wants to make their own itineraries, all they have to do is click the ‘+’ button on the ‘day plan’ tile and select the attractions from a map view. Once this is done, the app numbers each location on the map in order to make things organized for the traveler. The app also has a ‘magic wand’ option, which when clicked automatically adds nearby sights to the itinerary.

Each of the travel guide on the Trips app is divided into a number of sections. For example, the ‘Getting around’ helps one with information about the public transport, ridesharing and rental options etc. The ‘Things to do’ section of the travel guide shows the user popular locations, tailored suggestions, indoor and outdoor events. Other sections on the Trips app include ‘Reservations,’ ‘Need to know,’ and ‘Food & Drink.

So, the next time you’re traveling a vacation, you will no longer have to spend days researching on the internet. All you have to do, is let Trips know about the place and let it plan the entire vacation for you.

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