Government Launches MedTech Mitra to Empower Indian Health Startups

By Sunil Sonkar
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Government Launches MedTech Mitra to Empower Indian Health Startups

In a big step forward, the Indian government has launched the MedTech Mitra platform to help health startups in the country. The aim is to make our health startups strong and use fewer medical devices from other countries. At the launch event, Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya explained that MedTech Mitra is like a guide for young talents. It will support them in their studies and make it easier to get permission for their ideas.


Minister Mandaviya said India’s smart thinkers and new businesses are amazing. He thinks that if we help them well, India can stand on its own and become a developed country.

He pointed out that a lot of the medical devices used in India are currently imported. The volume is about 80%. The government aims to help create cheaper and top-quality medical tools in our own country. They want us to rely less on other countries for these important things.

In the future, Minister Mandaviya believes that by 2030, India’s medical device industry could be worth $50 billion. He thinks this is possible because of government programs that encourage making things and investing in medical places.

He also said that technology is quickly changing how medical devices work. He talked about things like robots, smart computers and really tiny technology. He thinks India can be a leader in these new ideas around the world.

To help creators face problems, V.K. Paul talked about how MedTech Mitra can assist by testing and making sure the new devices follow the rules. The aim is to make it easier for startups to innovate, do research and contribute to the idea of a self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat).

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