GPS Setup For Security Guard Tracker Systems—Ins And Outs

GPS Setup For Security Guard Tracker Systems—Ins And Outs 1

If you own a security company, maintaining the right level of accountability is important. It isn’t practically possible to keep an eye on your staff round the clock.

Moreover, the least of issues occurring on any premises will lead to the probability of negligence in security level. Therefore, the best way forward is to invest in a  security guard software with GPS inbuilt. While there are a lot of critics who question the privacy level hampering that might be a result of GPS tracking, the benefits of doing so clearly outweigh such cons.

Why Are GPS Systems A Boon?

In order for a business owner to combat accountability gaps, a lot of security companies today use GPS systems for tracking movements of its guards as well as their attendance. In a number of systems clients as well as supervisors can log in at once. This helps them view GPS maps as well as rack officer movements and ensure that they move along the assigned tours. 

However, guard tracking systems with GPS don’t come with high accountability levels on their own completely. Take a look at all pros as well as cons involved with GPS linked software.

You get to know if your officers are actually on duty and if they are utilizing their work hours well. This also helps enhance efficiency of your staff at work. If you set up geo fencing along with GPS tracking, you get to set limits on the movement allowed for your guards. If they go off the grid for any reason, you immediately get an alert that states the same. This actually makes them more specific about sticking to their patrolling duty sincerely.

Defense Against Unverified Claims

You can actually vouch for your security guard services if there is GPS installed with your monitoring system. This is because you get to know the work your guards indulge in and the hours involved. Therefore you needn’t worry about some client charging you for the poor quality of your guards, at least! 

Transparency Remains Intact

Having a GPS-vested security system means that you have complete transparency when it comes to staff doings. Attendance, work hours, commitment fulfilments and such stuff become easier since you have a way of knowing the real-time locations of staff. 

This also spares the scope of maintaining a lot of paper filings. It also negates the need to hire staff to oversee the workers or security guards on duty. Automatically, this saves costs and also spares you a lot of time. This time saved is better utilized on other aspects of maintaining the business.

As a security agency, it becomes a lot easier to have the right data management setup in place. The GPS only backs such data and helps you ensure that all business information is genuine and up to date!

Summing Up

Security companies rely big time on technology and GPS along with geo-fencing to track guard activity in real-time. It also helps expand visibility at times when supervision over a remote basis is critical.

The top three ways in which a high risk personal security uses GPS technology to monitor and manage guards are-

  • Tracking of all  remote teams as per completion of their tours
  • In order to confirm guard location while on duty or patrol between multiple sites
  • Ensuring that guards stay in a precisely defined area

Investing in the right GPS-enabled guard monitoring system is vital. Do some research, look up some reviews and then make a final choice. Keep your staff size and duties in mind as you frame your mind about the budget to invest in the same, too!

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