Great Cloud Reset Unveils the Power of Distributed Cloud

By Sunil Sonkar
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Great Cloud Reset Unveils the Power of Distributed Cloud

Imagine a world where shopping is stuck in physical stores. But thanks to cloud computing, things have changed and now shopping happens online. But as online shopping gets bigger, handling the complicated cloud systems is getting tough. Enter “The Great Cloud Reset” — a 2023 study commissioned by Akamai and conducted by Forrester Consulting — revealing a powerful solution: the distributed cloud architecture.


The study shows that IT leaders in the industry are finding out that using distributed cloud computing can make things work better and save money. Saving money is a big deal and 78% of the industry people say it is super important to avoid extra costs in a distributed cloud system. Aligning the right workload with the right cloud is another key feature, as cited by 65% of respondents, aiming to optimize cloud spending. Moreover, 63% believe that choosing the appropriate workload for the cloud can directly impact revenue.

In the fast online shopping world, every tiny moment is crucial. The big bosses in the industry are making things like searching, buying and checking out work better and faster. They are using something called a distributed cloud, like a helpful friend, along with other cool services to deal with lots of customers and tricky tasks.

The distributed cloud is like bringing important computer stuff closer to customers. It helps businesses analyze things super quickly for fancy online shopping.

Using different clouds at the same time has good parts, but it also brings some problems. Complexity in integration, scaling and maintenance is a major concern for 53% of respondents. Controlling costs related to sprawl, data charges and unpredictable pricing is a headache for 49%. Additionally, 43% feel the need for a cloud provider who can meet global data residency and sovereignty requirements.

To tackle these challenges, 80% of commerce industry respondents stress the importance of choosing the right cloud for each workload. They think that working with cloud companies who get what they need for doing things close to users will make them earn more money and work better. The Great Cloud Reset is like a big change for online shopping, where the distributed cloud is the main thing, making everything work better and getting ready for the future.

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