Grofers aims to enter into EV industry with 500 vehicles


Grofers, which is an offline and online delivery startup plans to release 500 electric vehicles for its last-mile delivery by the end of 2019. The switch to the electric vehicles aligns with the aim of cutting costs along with the help of an environmentally friendly.

Grofers to foray into the electric vehicle segment is now also looking to register in the list of electric vehicles increasing initiatives. Moreover, the central government has been pushing towards the use of electric vehicles.

“Our experiment was largely successful, and we were able to reduce the last-mile delivery costs by 50 percent in places where the EVs were deployed,” ” said Saurabh Kumar, co-founder of Grofers.

The startup which is founded by the Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa in the year 2013, it provides the products across the categories such as the fruits, vegetables, grocery, and other things. It operates in more than 13 cities.

As of now, Grofers has 50 EV’s in Jaipur and 100 in Delhi with the plans to launch the EV’s for the last mile delivery in more than 13 cities by the end of 2019.

“The main investment we have to make is to ensure that all the distribution centers are equipped with charging infrastructure for the vehicles,” said Kumar.

Grofers is also keeon on working with the central government to run the pilots program on four-wheelers EV’s, which can even be used to transport the products from the company warehouse to the distribution centers in the cities.


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