Group Polls revealed in new WhatsApp beta version

Group Polls revealed in new WhatsApp beta version 1

Imagine you are arranging a get-together with your friends or with your colleagues. Everyone out there is sending a text, one after another, on the messaging platform WhatsApp. Everyone listed their preferences, but it’s difficult to keep track of messages. There is no other option in your hand but to scroll back and go through each message individually, tallying responses and spending time doing something that could have easily been stopped with the feature. The massive platform WhatsApp has heard your cries and is launching a Group polls feature to overcome this problem.

The voting feature is very similar to the feature that is presently available and is in use on Messenger.

The current update is being appraised for the desktop version of WhatsApp and is only available through its official beta channel. Even though the update is still in its evaluation phase, there are high expectations that the platform will be rolling it out officially to everyone. The WBI revealed that the update is only available via the beta channel; the WhatsApp version has already gone up and is now at

The feature will move to mobile users, too, once it passes the initial testing phase. To get into the features, Whatsapp facilitates you to create a group poll and handover it over to your group members. The group poll window helps various options to customize. You are required to fill in at least two options before the poll can be shared with the group.

The group polls are end-to-end encrypted and are not visible to any third party until and unless authorized from the app. Even WhatsApp is not permitting itself to read what the group poll is all about. How do group polls create an exciting addition to our day-to-day usage? It is more fruitful and more straightforward. It is still not decided whether the platform will allow anonymous voting or not.

The feature is still under development, which makes it uncertain if and when the particular update will be launched. There is excitement waiting for the new addition. They are looking forward to an official announcement of the latest update!

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