GSMA’s eSIM Specifications Accelerating IoT Adoption

GSMA's new eSIM for IoT (SGP.31 and SGP.32) is a game-changer, according to Bertrand Moussel from Trusted Connectivity Alliance.

By Sunil Sonkar
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GSMA's eSIM Specifications Accelerating IoT Adoption

GSMA has introduced something called eSIM for IoT Specifications (SGP.31 and SGP.32) and it is a game-changer. Bertrand Moussel from Trusted Connectivity Alliance Board thinks this new thing is important to make IoT even cooler.

What’s the fuss about IoT

It is about cool gadgets like smart meters and sensors that are making industries work smarter and better. McKinsey estimates that these are worth about $12.6 trillion globally.

Why is GSMA’s eSIM for IoT such a big deal

As more of these cool gadgets show up, they just need connections that are trustworthy and safe. That is where eSIM (a kind of tech that simplifies how devices connect) comes in. In fact, 83% of companies think eSIM is crucial for future IoT success.

Here is the catch

These IoT gadgets have unique challenges. They might have limited internet speed, no fancy screens or need to save power. So, GSMA has come up with these new eSIM specifications (SGP.31 and SGP.32) to tackle these challenges.

One exciting feature is the eSIM IoT Remote Manager (eIM). It is like a tool that helps these devices download and manage their connections without needing people to do it manually. This makes setting up lots of devices much easier.

Another cool thing is the Lightweight IoT Minimal Profile. It is like a special setting for IoT gadgets with slow internet. Now they can connect even when the internet is not super fast, which is a big win for making IoT work in more places.

Experts predict that more than half of these eSIMs in IoT devices will follow these new rules by 2028. It is a big leap to make sure our smart gadgets can chat with each other easily.

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