Gujarat Sports Startup Conclave Reveals Top 7 Finalists

By Sunil Sonkar
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Gujarat Sports Startup Conclave Reveals Top 7 Finalists

The Gujarat Sports Startup Conclave just announced the top seven finalists for its Pitchbook Competition. The event is on December 11 at TransStadia University and is expected to be a big deal for sports businesses. Over 60 sports startups are competing, making it a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in the sports world. The competition is part of the Vibrant Gujarat initiative.


Minister of State Gujarat – Home, Industries Transport, Youth, Sports, MLA of Surat, Shri Harsh Sanghavi, emphasized the transformative role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in elevating India’s presence in the global sports arena. He praised the Conclave for helping build a strong sports environment, bringing in investments and making Gujarat an important center for sports business and trade.

This blending of sports and business fits perfectly with the government’s plan for growing sports in India. The event aims to show India’s sports potential and boost startup businesses, pushing the growth of sports in Gujarat and other places. It wants to encourage young people in the country to discover the many business opportunities in the sports market.

The seven shortlisted startups are gearing up to compete in the Pitchbook Competition on December 11, presenting their innovative ideas and products to a distinguished panel of judges renowned in the sports industry. The top three winners will get cash prizes of Rs 10 lakh, Rs 7 lakh, and Rs 4 lakh. The other four startups will receive a consolation prize of Rs 1 lakh each. In addition to the money, all the finalists will have a great chance to get guidance from industry experts.

Alongside cash prizes, the jury-selected top 15 startups will be provided with a complimentary stall at the Exhibition held alongside the Gujarat Sports Startup Conclave, offering both visibility and opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Organized by the Sports Authority of Gujarat, in collaboration with TransStadia University and Sportscom Industry Confederation and supported by Startup India as well as i-Hub, the Conclave symbolizes a concerted effort to foster ‘Next Generation Entrepreneurship.’ It highlights the collaborative spirit between the government and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, emphasizing the potential for sports to drive economic development and innovation.

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