GUVI skills the developers in Indian Languages

The startup brings in the idea to aware the society and change the idea to rest the exposure, Hence, it builds the employee and changes the industry in more inclusive way in each and every aspect of the area. GUVI(Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint) is an online platform that allows developers and engineers to learn in a more meaningful way and make the most of it. The startup’s mission involves, ‘to make technical education available to all in their native languages’. GUVI provides technical courses through videos in Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali.

GUVI also provides and informs about the courses for various demanded skills today that includes, Android, Machine Learning, Java, C, C++, Python, Big Data and MongoDB. The main concentration of the startup yet continues to support learners for ‘employable,’ as a problem that persists in Indian technology graduates and becomes a hindrance in engineers and developers employability.

GUVI further also employs a complete area ‘phygital’ approach that includes learning, mentoring, assessment and placement facilities. The startup has also made relations with IT product companies who look forward to hire technical talent to aid students to search a job, regardless of the students current region.

During the process, aiming to skill the gap closer to the source, GUVI now also shook hands with colleges to take charge of boot camps to let the students complete the part. Where teachers and parents remain sceptical at the beginning, the co-founders claim that students develop the love towards the complete concept by day one.

The person-to-person sessions also further feature the mentors with immense industry experience, who allow themselves to bestow their experiences.  GUVI’s presentations are supplied into the college curriculum, for students to accept them to achieve course credits.

While GUVI took the initiate to support the language issues, it also performs another trait towards development regarding women, provided half the 1.5 lakh developers amidst the trained are women. Amongst which, 5,000 of the women are held in good rankings at startups and product companies. Initiated with a capital of Rs 10 lakh as a first step, the startup was incubated at the Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI) formulated at IIT Madras, officially launching its beginning in November 2014. Later, the startup’s first paid customer was witnessed through YouTube.

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