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Hacker is selling info of Yahoo accounts

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Have a Yahoo email account? If yes, then this might be an unpleasant news for you. Apparently, a hacker has managed to get hold of the account information of about 200 million Yahoo email users and is now selling it on the dark web.

Though we still don’t know if the hacker’s claims of having 200 million users account information is actually true or not, but if we go by his reputation and body work, it might as well be a true news.

Known by the name ‘Peace’, the hacker has previously also managed to break into the much famous professional networking site LinkedIn and the now forgotten MySpace. Allegedly, Peace has put the credentials of the Yahoo users on The Real Deal, a popular hacker’s marketplace.

Well, the hacking news in itself is a shocker, but the bigger shocker is that Yahoo is well aware of the events. In an email reply to Motherboard, the web pioneer said that they’re well aware of the hacker’s claim and its security team is already on the work trying to determine the truthfulness of Peace’s claim.

The stolen data includes the usernames, passwords, birthdates and in some cases even the information about the back-up email used for the Yahoo account.

According to Peace claims, the data with him most likely belongs to the year 2012. His current asking for the data is 3 Bitcoins for the entire lot, which comes out to be approximately $1,800.

Prior to this, the Web pioneer was in the news when it was recently acquired by Verizon Communications Inc.(which also owns AOL) in a $4.83 billion acquisition deal. The transaction is expected to be closed in the first quarter of next year. Till then Yahoo has decided to continue as an independent company.

If Peace’s claims are indeed true, then users operating Yahoo email ids can land up into a lot of trouble.

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