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Haptik Launched as an AI Driven Initiative in Maharashtra

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Haptik is known to be one of the world’s largest conversational AI platforms, including a client list that follows Fortune 500 brands such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, Future Retail, KFC, Tata Group, ICICI Bank, Mahindra Group, amongst others. Supported by investors like Kalari Capital and Times Internet, Haptik concentrates on implementing key customer engagement practice cases such as customer support, feedback, order status and live chat and has also processed more than a billion interactions by now.

Haptik is also known to be the first company that stretched its hands to open source a conversation based Entity Detection engine that is patent pending on our unique bot, to agent routing capabilities. Back in April 2016, Times Internet led a Series B round of investment in Haptik, that made it one of the most well-funded independent conversational AI companies in the world.

While protecting with the digitization effort thats’s being enthusiastically pursued by the Indian government, the Government of Maharashtra partnered with Haptik that is the world’s largest conversational AI platform for developing a chatbot for the functions and issues of effective information dissemination, as part of the Right to Services Act of 2015.

The Act precepts that citizens of the country should be able to follow the information concerning public services through digital platforms. Also, the latest chatbot will act as another medium through which the citizens will perform to resolve their queries. Reachable, on the Aaple Sarkar RTS (Right to Services) website, the bot also looks forward to easy and conversational access to information, regarding 1,400 public services that are managed by the state government.

Marking few words on the latest initiative in a report, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, claimed, “Accountability, efficiency, transparency and inclusion are the cornerstones of Good Governance. In today’s era, the test of true Government is provision of services and processing the paperwork with minimum human interference that too in a time bound manner. One should get the desired services or the desired paper processed in a time bound, transparent and predictable manner without even knowing the person behind the show.

Technology is the only way we can scale governance and fulfil the aspirations of our young population and we are proud to state that in Maharashtra we have a dedicated portal ‘Aaple Sarkar’ through which more than 400 online services are being provided.In line with that the Aaple Sarkar Chatbot is another positive step to provide solutions to the queries of public through conversations. With the help of AI, this conversational facility is definitely going to significantly improve the public service frameworks.With the launch of this chatbot, the State Government endeavoured to provide complete range of services to the people in more efficient manner. Moreover, we are also planning to add support for Marathi and Hindi in this chatbot.”

Stating the views on the appreciable digitization effort, Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder and CEO, Haptik, claimed, “It always gives us immense joy to implement conversational solutions that can significantly improve public service frameworks, as these impact the lives of millions. The RTS chatbot comprises a range of algorithms that gives it the ability to process a large number of queries every day, analysing each conversation, maintaining records and providing the user with the most useful information. We have been blown away by the state government’s adoption of AI technology in general, and are excited to work with them in the coming years to make the RTS bot successful statewide across multiple languages.”


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