Hard Core Reasons To Opt React Native For PWA Development

Reasons To Opt React Native

Talking about PWA (Progressive Web Application), it is a fresh concept in the world of mobile and internet. They are created with the help of some technologies and processes for building applications that benefit the features of native and web apps both. PWA is a kind of application software that has been designed and delivered using the web and has been created with the help of web technologies that covers HTML, CSS & JavaScript. PWA development improves the user experience and offers offline website access, push notifications and many more such facilities.

PWA gets full support from Opera and Chrome but Microsoft Edge, iOS and Firefox are making huge efforts in providing great support for Progressive Web Apps.

Famous brands that are taking full advantage of PWA’s capabilities

  • Twitter – 65% boost in page per session
  • Forbes – 100% boost in engagement
  • Flipkart – 70% increase in conversion rate
  • MakeMyTrip – 38% boost in loading time
  • Alibaba Group – 76% boost in conversion rate
  • Trivago – 97% boost in click rate

Hardcore facts justifying the use of PWA

  • It provides better engagement as a huge number of people are making use of PWA on websites and mobile.
  • Affordable to create and maintain as it uses a single codebase for all of its platforms.
  • With the help of API, all of their clients move to the current version automatically.
  • No requirement of upfront installation for using the app because of low friction.

Weaknesses of PWA refers to

  • No support from all of the browsers as it is still a new-fangled technology
  • Limited to the access of most of the hardware
  • Limited performance to compute heavy and bulky operations
  • Consumes a lot of battery power as the codes are complex and phones take too much time to interpret the code.

“The conversion rate of PWA is 36% higher than native apps” – Top 30 PWA Reports

“Progressive web apps got 50% boost in customer engagement”

“There is a decrease in the page loading speed 10 times as reported by businesses that are switching to PWA”

“The cost of PWA is 4 times less as compared to native mobile apps”

“The cost of PWA maintenance is 33% less”

“Progressive web apps are 90% small as compared to native mobile apps”

There is no doubt in saying that Progressive Web Apps are effective, powerful, and very fast. Nowadays it has become difficult to imagine a mobile web property that has been implemented on PWA. The future of PWA is bright and will be going to escalate with the upcoming technological trends.

Top-notch technologies to pick while creating Progressive Web App

Hard Core Reasons To Opt React Native For PWA Development 1
  • React
  • Angular
  • Ionic
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Vue and the list is long …

PWA’s are – “Reliable” “Fast” and “Engaging”

Which one to choose –

  • Native
  • React native
  • Flutter
  • Or PWA?

Choosing any one from the above purely depends on your business requirements and you must think about every aspect before making any final decision. 

Thinking to select Native then should keep some points in mind –

Although users love native as they don’t face any problem in the UI/UX just like hybrid apps. But the price of native apps is higher than that of hybrid apps. If you want to create an app keeping customer loyalty in mind, native is the best choice.

Choosing React Native –

If your goal is to build prototypes and basic apps, then React Native Development Service is a cost-efficient option. You can make use of React Native while creating B2B apps, apps used for filling out forms and software utilized for internal processes in a company.

Why and When to pick Flutter –

Thinking to craft an MVP for your targeted investors then Flutter is indeed the best choice. It has good animations and attractive UI that works well while developing simple apps and prototypes in less time.

Reasons to opt for PWA Solution –

If you are in a business where text, images and video content is a more point of concern then PWA holds all the capabilities to offer great performance and discoverability. Also, if you are a startup or have a poor internet connection, then also PWA can create magic and you can reach a large number of audiences through it.

Why React Native is the best choice for PWA development

Progressive Web Applications are in huge demand nowadays and becoming famous for providing huge benefits that it offers to the developers. While creating an app, the whole work becomes easier when the programmer does not require to type the same code multiple times. With React Native, you can build progressive web apps with fewer needs.

  • Before your PWA development, checking the network connection is an important task as it should be highly secure. The HTTPS pages are secured for PWA which is check by PWA Google developers.
  • With the help of adding a manifest.json file directly to your PWA, you will be able to add an “Add to Home Screen” option for your users.
  • For making your progressive web application available in the mobile devices, you will need to include manifest.json file in the root directory of the application.
  • Implementing a custom splash screen will permit you to use a custom background and icon for your progressive web app that will provide a native app-like feel.
  • Service workers help in controlling installations, caching and push notification with other such tasks and it is a script that runs in the background without communicating with the app.

Popular companies using React Native for Progressive Web Application

Hard Core Reasons To Opt React Native For PWA Development 2
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Walmart
  • Skype

Reasons To Opt React Native Framework – An Ultimate Choice for App Development

  • App Development Charge

The total expenditure that belongs to developing a mobile app using React Native is very low compare to that of Native application development. The cost comprises a different process that requires total developers and total hours that are needed for creating the app.

The important part of picking React Native framework is the time that is required for the whole app development process is very less. The other benefit is the number of developers that you are hiring for this cause as you will have to search for such developers who know JavaScript thoroughly.

In case, you already have a web app that is developed in ReactJS, then the cost to convert it into a mobile app using React Native will be much lower rather than starting from the initial phase.

  • Developers can be caught without many efforts

The JavaScript community is increasing day by day and the same we can say for React Native as well. Each developer knows the need to improve change and need of switching to React Native Development which is difficult but a requirement. It is important to contact the best company that can provide you the expected React Native development services. The React Native demand in 2020 is increasing in the market and it will be going to escalate in the coming years.

  • Centralized UI-UX Development

UI and UX have always been crucial and important aspects to focus on while app development. As the technology is growing at a rapid pace, these requirements are also taking a new leap. React Native consists of the best set of UI features and have charts included that can get inherited from JavaScript.

In today’s mobile-based world, mobile is the face of your business that will represent your business towards all the people on the Internet. You must pay full attention to offering the best and most interactive UI. JavaScript is considered the best technology when it comes to creating engaging and attractive having the combination of React Native.

Hard Core Reasons To Opt React Native For PWA Development 3
  • Strong support of third-party plugin

Getting support from any third-party plugin is the need of any open-source and cross-platform application development framework. You will get many different libraries for managing different tasks on the cycle of React Native app development that ranges from testing to the in-app purchasing.

Also, you will have the opportunity to link wearables, build UIs, get analytics, and everything that you will face across will having a pre-built library. The combination of code reusability, everything becomes easy and fast to manage especially when its about third-party libraries and components.

  • Re-Using Code

The most important reason for using React Native Framework or any Framework that is based on JavaScript is because it allows code reusability options. Also, the re-using of code gets an extension from the PWAs to the React Native mobile applications. The feature of code reusability with React Native provides huge support to all the developers. The app development work becomes much faster because of the re-utilization of code.

  • Application Development Speed

To stay competitive in the market, it is imperative to shoot out your ideas and implement them quickly before someone else represent it before you. Both Android and iOS app development requires a good framework for completing the whole process. With React Native, you can perform the development process quickly that too with immense features and functionalities options.

  • Handling Updates

A strong community favours rigorous updates with tons of new-fangled features. React Native is enhancing continuously and is present in the market since 2013. With time, more and more developers are choosing to React Native as their favourite mobile app development framework. It is important to follow regular updates and install them in your code for avoiding any unusual error that may cause serious issues while running for the app.

  • Smooth Transformation from a Web Application

PWA is the most common and popular web development trend in today’s time. Progressive web apps that are built using React possess the transition to a mobile app easy and feasible with the help of React Native.

If you are selling something, in that case, you might be in the need of having the best UI/UX of your mobile app. React Native helps in building a fast and cost-effective  app that will help in fulfilling all your requirements.

  • Fractional Development

It is obvious to see changes between Android users and iOS users on the initial level and that too with a strict Apple’s environment. Android and iOS users are so different and the difference will be going to exceed in the coming years.

To manage this situation, you must create some components of your app using React Native and you will get the advantage of running them with the benefit of React Native. React Native holds special features and that makes it a number one choice for dealing with all kinds of application development and this is possible as iOS and Android both support JavaScript.

Wrap Up

There are many reasons to select React Native for PWA development like PWA is affordable as compared to native mobile apps and they are compact, their cost of development is also too low. The most important part of choosing React Native for PWA is that they are operational on online and offline both. In the end, the final decision would be depending on your business requirements so make sure what you are choosing.

Written by Patrick R

Patrick R, A techno-commercial leader heading Intuz as Director of Growth With over 12 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. His experience and expertise will entice developers and business entrepreneurs with rich content on latest technology stack.

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