HashedIn Hosts India’s First XaaS Conference in Bangalore

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HashedIn Hosts India's First XaaS Conference in Bangalore 1

HashedIn, the Bengaluru based IT services and consulting company that builds intelligent SaaS solutions for its global clients hosted the first of its kind XaaS Conference on Feb 1, 2019. The event centered around XaaS and how it can support businesses achieve their objectives. The event was held at Aloft, Cessna Business Park, Bellandur, Bengaluru where over 150+ key decision makers from different business verticals attended.


The goal of the event was to throw light on the specific tenets of XaaS and how it can support in achieving business objectives. XaaS envisions business capabilities, products, and processes not as discreet vertical offerings operating individually in silos but, rather, as a collection of horizontal services that can be accessed and leveraged across organizational boundaries through seamless yet powerful integrations.

XaaS 2019 conference had some eminent personalities from the IT industry as speakers. They shared their views on how companies that use XaaS in their technology roadmap can have an edge over their competitors. Some of the speakers who were part of the event were Phaneesh Murthy, Founder Primentor, Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies; Shamik Sharma, Head – New Product Initiatives, Curefit; Hemant Khandelwal, Ex-CTO Rivigo, Head – Harness India; Anuj Joshi, Co-Founder of OMANVAT Web Services (OWS); Chetan Kulkarni, Founder & CEO, Vizury Interactive; Akilur Rahman, CTO, ABB India and Ananda Ladi, Chief Learning Officer at Edureka.

HashedIn Hosts India's First XaaS Conference in Bangalore 2

Mr. Phaneesh Murthy, who was the Keynote speaker of the event said, “50% of the fortune 500 companies, which were relying on legacy software and infrastructure have already embraced SaaS on their product offerings and business models”. He also envisioned the future of XaaS to lead to “Profitability or even smartness as-a-service”.

We are going to see a huge amount of explosive innovation in XaaS and will also witness B2B and B2C coming together to build products”, said Mr. Hemant Khandelwal, Head – Harness India.

“B2B enterprises have embraced SaaS so much today that it has torn off-the-roof even for Asset heavy industries in the form of utilization, productivity, compliance and health”, said Mr. Akilur Rahman, CTO, ABB India.

HashedIn Hosts India's First XaaS Conference in Bangalore 3

Speaking about the event’s success Himanshu Varshney, CEO of HashedIn Technologies said, “I was amazed looking at the turnaround and the way our speakers drove the conference. Our delegates had a great chance to listen to some of the real-life use cases, We plan to host more XaaS based events in the months to come”.

HashedIn plans to have more of such knowledge sharing events and build them as a platform for the industry experts to brainstorm and interact

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