HAYR Launches India’s 1st Free-Float City Self-Drive Car Share Service

HAYR Launches India’s 1st Free-Float City Self-Drive Car Share Service 1

HAYR Technology, a Chandigarh based startup is planning to bring forth a latest modulated technology in India that will be adaptable, convenient, secure and hassle-free. In April 2019, HAYR plans to launch India’s first free-float self-drive car share service in Chandigarh Tri-City, followed by other cities that includes Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. Considering the new innovated project, Founder, HAYR Technology, Mr. Harjeet Singh claimed, “We are coming with much-awaited technology in mobility sector. After this, India will be one of the few countries who will enjoy free float self-driven car share service. The concept of free-float refers to ‘anywhere anytime pick up and drop off vehicle facility’ with designated parking”. He further marked, “To avail the service, one needs to make the reservation through HAYR Car Share Mobile App. The user can unlock the car and take a ride. Anyone having a valid driving licence is eligible to enjoy the benefits of this ride.”

The startup is pointing the way to serve minimum 25-35 commuters in a day with nominal charges of Rs. 7 per minute, which is more slashed than any other means of transportation. Singh further claimed, “We ensures women safety during late night. They can enjoy their ride without fear and trouble of security, and drop the car near their home”. According to the tagline, DRIVE BEFIKAR, HAYR Car Share offers hassle-free, secure and convenient services for its customers. They do not even have to think about refueling and sustention cost too. The startup fixes up with excellent creative functions of advanced reservations without any hazard of elimination that supplies, the booking won’t be cancelled without a considerate vindication.

Parking is a still to solve problem in the country and for a developed lifestyle. Hence, HAYR has designated various locations across the city. Now, people won’t have to worry about the private parking, and can park their vehicle at designated parking areas. HAYR Technology is also planning to grow in regional celebrities to formulate their brand ambassador.

Singh also announced that HAYR is an excelling solution for terrible traffic. Instead of owning private cars, people can experience the uber-luxurious ride facilities through HAYR cars. The Startup assures that the car rental service would resolve numerous problems of transports, distances, and parking. The launch is meant for a developing society and hence, it is looked forward to, with high expectations by the youth and citizens of Chandigarh, since the ideology has been revealed.

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