Headout Expands AI Capabilities with Acquisition of Dabble to Revolutionize Travel Booking

By Sunil Sonkar
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Headout Expands AI Capabilities with Acquisition of Dabble to Revolutionize Travel Booking

Travel app firm Headout has lately enhanced its platform with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with the acquisition of Dabble startup that specializes in AI technology. The acquisition is learned to be a major step forward for the company. It can pave the path of revolutionizing the way travelers book and enjoy their trips.


Headout currently operates in 125 cities and serves more than 27 million people. Its business has been recorded profitable in recent years. It is utilizing AI in various tasks including content creation, fraud prevention and price setting.

Headout now aims to take its AI usage to the next level. Dabble was founded in 2021 and since then has worked with major e-commerce platforms including Amazon and Etsy. It helps businesses in speeding up tasks like content creation and therefore improves workflows. It also supports businesses to develop accurate product models.

The travel experience sector is highly fragmented. Small businesses operate at different levels. Some use advanced technologies while others lack the modern infrastructure.

Arival CEO and co-founder Douglas Quinby highlighted the potential of AI in unifying the diverse sector. He said that AI can help in discovery and recommendations. As an aftermath, travelers find it easier to navigate through a plethora of options.

Viator offers more than 4,000 tours in Rome alone and this can be daunting for travelers. Holibob CEO Craig Everett emphasized the importance of AI in enhancing quality of customer choices.

The strategy of Headout to pre-curate travel options ensures that customers should not be overwhelmed by multiple choices. Headout hints to a promising future with the acquisition in the industry. It states to have plans to further personalize the travel experiences for travelers.

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