Healthians Diagnostic Startup Begins International Expansion in Africa

By Sunil Sonkar
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Healthians Diagnostic Startup Begins International Expansion in Africa

Diagnostics startup Healthians is in expansion mode and to tab the overseas markets. It is already operating in several African countries since November 2023. It has partnered with local insurance companies and labs to handle complex tests. Pathology samples are received at the Healthians labs in India for testing and the results are sent back to the respective countries within 48 hours.


Demand for its international services has increased by 30% and this is the reason Healthians is planning to further expand its services in Africa. It is set to open its own labs in two or more African countries by the end of the year. The labs will basically serve in areas which have limited access to advanced diagnostic care.

Healthians founder and CEO Deepak Sahni said that many patients from Africa travel to India for surgeries and consultations, but it has been witnessed that about half of them come with incorrect diagnoses. Such scenario has motivated him to provide accurate diagnostic services in the underserved countries.

Healthians is backed by WestBridge Capital. It sees growth opportunities in smaller cities in India. Sahni added that the healthcare awareness in India is rising and simultaneously digital access is improving. There is a good demand for reliable healthcare services. As of now, it is learned that 30-40% of the revenue for the startup comes from such smaller cities.

Healthians was established in 2014 and simply as an aggregator of various labs. A year later it shifted to operating its own labs. It achieved break-even by the end of FY23 witnessing increase in revenues by 34.13% to Rs 224 crore. A year ago the revenue was Rs 167 crore. It launched a mobile healthcare service in May 2022. It was called ‘Health on Wheels’ and traveled around 26,000 km. It conducted more than 300 health camps across India.

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