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Helps Enterprises to Adopt Blockchain-as-a-Service - Qila 1

Can you explain how Qila’s Blockchain-as-a-Service offering helps enterprises adopt blockchain technology with managed network infrastructure?


    Qila has made it simple for any enterprise wanting to adopt Web3 solutions such as smart contracts and tokenization, offering simple low-code/no-code APIs for integration and pre-defined workflows. Enterprises looking to incorporate blockchain into their technology stack usually face a daunting task: they need to identify the right framework, build the tech stack, create the required infrastructure, and hire the right resources to develop and manage the network. The list of challenges goes on.

    Qila’s platform offerings are sector-agnostic, meaning they can be used across various sectors such as healthcare, education, automotive, real estate, luxury goods, BFSI, and more. Any enterprise wanting to explore the Web3 space and achieve quick adoption can simply sign up on the platform and integrate using the JSON APIs.

    Qila has its own private cloud with state-of-the-art security protocols that enterprises can utilize with their subscription package. Qila also offers a token wallet solution, PrivaSea, which serves as a placeholder for NFT tokens issued by the enterprise to their customers. The PrivaSea wallet is designed with the nature of the business in mind, catering to B2B, B2C, and D2C models.

    In a nutshell, all the heavy lifting to set up a blockchain network is done by Qila for enterprises. All they have to do is sign up and integrate their application based on the use case they want to work on.

    What motivated Sid Ugrankar and Vishal Malhotra to transition from their previous ventures to co-found Qila?

    As serial entrepreneurs, Sid Ugrankar and Vishal Malhotra have a history of creating successful ventures together. They pioneered India’s first OTT platform for the ZEE Group, founded the country’s inaugural CPaas platform, and co-created a Big Data Licensing and Solution Building practice. However, their journey led them to Qila for a unique reason.

    Both Sid and Vishal are tech enthusiasts who thrive on staying ahead of the curve, especially in the ever-evolving tech space. They recognized the growing prominence of Web3 and blockchain solutions in the Western world and saw the gradual movement of these technologies into the Eastern regions with simple use cases. Identifying the immense potential of blockchain across sectors, they realized the tedious process each enterprise faced in adopting these technologies from scratch.

    This observation led to the genesis of Qila, where Sid and Vishal aimed to bridge the gap by providing a seamless adoption process for blockchain technology. They noticed a significant problem, the lack of hassle-free adoption solutions for enterprises. Thus, Qila was born with the mission to provide secure identity storage using blockchain technology and hassle-free adoption of blockchain.

    Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Sid and Vishal embarked on a journey to develop a viable commercial model for their solution. It was not until mid-2022 that they found their true calling building an enterprise blockchain-as-a-service platform, culminating in the inception of

    Can you describe the key features or solutions that make Qila a potential game-changer for enterprises?

    Qila has also created a wallet solution called PrivaSea for enterprise. PrivaSea is NFT token place holder, for customers of these enterprises. For example, any enterprise who has signed up on Qila platform and stared minting NFT tokens for their respective use case can offers their customers a free wallet account where they can collect all their tokens at one place.

    Qila is a SaaS company that helps enterprises with infrastructure solutions for Web3 adoption, including blockchain and tokenization. This means any enterprise wanting to adopt these technologies can easily integrate with Qila’s platform. The key platform solutions that Qila offers are ARK (multi-tenanted) and ARK+ (dedicated).

    ARK is a multi-tenant shared platform for enterprises that do not wish to set up a dedicated network but want to adopt blockchain. This definitive platform for tokenization allows customers to begin their blockchain journey within seconds, with complete onboarding support. Once they become familiar with the platform’s advantages, customers can upgrade to dedicated resources if needed.

    ARK+ is a dedicated platform for enterprises that want to set up a private, permissioned blockchain network. Enterprises can sign up for ARK+, write the necessary smart contracts (with Qila’s assistance) according to their use case, set up nodes based on stakeholder participation, and establish their private, permissioned blockchain network.

    Additionally, Qila has developed a wallet solution called PrivaSea for enterprises. PrivaSea is an NFT token placeholder for the customers of these enterprises. For example, any enterprise that has signed up on the Qila platform and started minting NFT tokens for their use case can offer their customers a free wallet account where they can collect all their tokens in one place.

    By providing these comprehensive solutions, Qila simplifies the adoption of blockchain and tokenization for enterprises, making it a potential game-changer in the industry.

    What unique advantages does Qila offer compared to other blockchain service providers in the market?

    Qila enables an enterprise to build run and manage their own dedicated bloclchain networks and use cases. Other blockchain service providers work on a work for hire model where they have to design the network as per the requirements of the customers. This is a tedious and expensive effort. With Qila, they can simply sign up and begin using the platform.

    Additionally, Qila offers a unique wallet solution called PrivaSea as a value-added service. PrivaSea serves as an NFT token placeholder for the customers of enterprises using Qila’s platform. For instance, enterprises that mint NFT tokens for their specific use cases can offer their customers a free wallet account to collect and manage all their tokens in one place. This added feature enhances customer experience and provides a comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to leverage blockchain technology.

    How has the geographical presence of Qila in Mumbai, Dubai and Chicago influenced its growth and business strategy?

    Qila has strategically established its presence in Mumbai, Dubai, and Chicago to leverage the tech-friendly ecosystems of these cities. While Qila’s offerings are not limited to these geographies, starting in these metropolises has provided a strong foundation for growth.

    Web3 solutions like blockchain and tokenization are still in their early stages of adoption and penetration across various sectors. Cities such as Mumbai, Dubai, and Chicago offer a more mature tech environment, making them ideal for introducing and scaling Qila’s innovative solutions. These locations are home to tech-savvy enterprises and influential decision-makers who are essential for driving the adoption of new technologies.

    Moreover, having a presence in these global hubs allows Qila to tap into diverse markets and understand the unique needs of different regions. Mumbai provides access to the dynamic and rapidly growing Indian market, Dubai connects Qila with the tech-forward MENA region, and Chicago serves as a gateway to the North American market. Additionally, Qila has seen significant traction in the MENA region and Europe, indicating a broadening interest in its solutions beyond its initial geographic focus.

    What challenges did Qila face in establishing its presence across multiple international offices?

    Establishing a global presence brings a variety of challenges, and Qila is no exception. Setting up international offices requires a thorough understanding of regional regulations and compliance requirements. This includes securing operating permissions, adhering to local tax codes, and ensuring all legalities are in place to run a business smoothly.

    Beyond these foundational aspects, another significant challenge was finding the right talent who understands and aligns with Qila’s vision. Blockchain technology is still a niche and premium offering for many enterprises, making it difficult to find skilled resources who are not only proficient in the technology but also passionate about Qila’s mission. As Qila continues to grow, this challenge will persist, but having navigated these hurdles during the initial setup has provided valuable experience in overcoming such obstacles.

    Moreover, each location—Mumbai, Dubai, and Chicago—presents unique cultural and business environments. Adapting to these differences while maintaining a cohesive corporate culture and operational efficiency has been a delicate balance. Despite these challenges, Qila’s strategic positioning in these tech-forward cities has allowed it to tap into diverse markets, gaining insights and traction that are vital for its expansion. By leveraging the lessons learned during its foundational phase, Qila is better equipped to tackle ongoing and future challenges in its journey toward becoming a global leader in blockchain solutions.

    Could you share insights into the target market for Qila’s services and how the company plans to expand its customer base?

    Qila’s offerings span multiple sectors as a Web3 solutions infrastructure provider, but we have identified key areas where our products fit exceptionally well and provide significant value. We have been particularly focused on the healthcare, education, luxury goods, and CPaas sectors, where we have already conducted proofs of concept (POCs) and integrations with companies operating in these fields.

    We are also exploring POC-based solutions for sectors such as automotive, real estate, banking and finance, insurance, renewable energy, and recycling. Through our experience, we have learned that while many companies across various sectors are interested in participating in the Web3 space, they are often unsure how to proceed. They need specific use cases that address their unique challenges. To assist them, we work closely with these companies to deeply understand their problem statements and formulate tailored blockchain use cases. We make it clear from the start that Qila is not a frontend application developer but a backend infrastructure provider, offering the necessary infrastructure and tools for blockchain adoption.

    Our expansion plan focuses on targeting sectors where our product fitment and value proposition are strong. We approach potential clients with use case demos to educate them on the benefits of blockchain technology and assist them in adopting these innovations. By demonstrating practical applications and providing robust support, we aim to build trust and drive widespread adoption of Web3 solutions across various industries.

    How does Qila stay innovative and adaptable in a rapidly evolving technology landscape?

    In the rapidly evolving technology landscape, it is crucial to stay updated on what’s new and trending. However, more importantly, it is essential to discern which technologies to adopt and which to filter out. Every new adoption must be thoroughly vetted for its long-term pros and cons, particularly in light of your growth vision and potential challenges.

    Qila is acutely aware of its limitations and requirements and is committed to staying well-equipped with the latest offerings in the Web3 space. To achieve this, we actively participate in tech events and conferences to stay informed about new developments. Additionally, we are part of various tech accelerators and innovation groups where real-time advancements are taking place.

    Our team is consistently encouraged to explore and engage in out-of-the-box solutions to enhance our offerings. This proactive approach ensures that we not only stay ahead of industry trends but also continuously improve our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. By fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability, Qila remains at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

    Can you elaborate on the specific challenges that Qila aims to address for enterprises looking to adopt blockchain technology?

    Qila assists enterprises in navigating the multifaceted challenges associated with adopting blockchain technology.

    Firstly, blockchain’s complexity often proves daunting for businesses. Understanding its intricacies and how to effectively utilize it can be a significant hurdle. Recognizing this, Qila helps enterprises with resources and consulting to curate a value proposition, which makes it easy for them to comprehend blockchain’s functionality and its practical applications.

    Another challenge lies in seamlessly integrating blockchain with existing systems. Without a clear understanding of data flow and use cases, this task can be particularly challenging. However, Qila provides innovative solutions that streamline integration, leveraging REST APIs and smart contracts to ensure a smooth and efficient alignment with current operations.

    Furthermore, ensuring the security and regulatory compliance of blockchain systems is paramount. Qila addresses this concern by implementing robust security measures and ensuring solutions meet stringent regulatory standards, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the blockchain ecosystem.

    Moreover, the cost implications of deploying and maintaining blockchain solutions can be significant. Qila recognizes this challenge and offers cost-effective solutions while assisting businesses in planning and executing implementations that optimize resource allocation.

    Additionally, Qila understands that blockchain can be intimidating for non-technical staff. To mitigate this challenge, Qila designs user-friendly tools that facilitate seamless interaction with blockchain systems, empowering all stakeholders to engage effectively with the technology.

    Lastly, maintaining blockchain systems can be resource intensive. Qila provides ongoing monitoring and support to ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of deployed solutions, thereby alleviating the burden on businesses and enabling them to focus on their core operations.

    How does Qila differentiate its Blockchain-as-a-Service offering to cater to different industries and use cases?

      Qila’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) stands out in the industry landscape due to its user-friendly platform, requiring minimal coding expertise for seamless integration of web3 solutions across diverse sectors. This accessibility makes Qila a preferred choice among enterprises seeking hassle-free adoption of blockchain technology.

      Furthermore, Qila’s platform offers versatility through its ARK (multi-tenanted) and ARK+ (Dedicated) options, tailored to suit specific industry requirements and use cases. For instance, in the healthcare sector, where data management is critical, but volume varies, the ARK (multi-tenanted) option provides a shared network ideal for quick blockchain adoption. Conversely, industries like supply chain management, where precise control over stakeholder participation is essential, can benefit from ARK+, a dedicated network allowing customized node configuration based on unique enterprise needs.

      Consider a healthcare provider leveraging Qila’s ARK (multi-tenanted) platform to streamline patient data management. By securely recording and sharing medical records across a shared blockchain network, the provider ensures efficient data access while maintaining patient privacy. Meanwhile, in the supply chain industry, a logistics company utilizes Qila’s ARK+ (Dedicated) option to establish a blockchain network with tailored node configurations, enhancing transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain process.

      What are the core principles or values that guide Qila’s approach to delivering solutions to its clients?

        At Qila, our approach to delivering solutions to our clients is guided by a set of core principles and values that underpin every aspect of our operations. First and foremost, transparency is paramount. We believe in fostering open and honest communication with our clients, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding throughout the project lifecycle. Transparency builds trust, which is the foundation of successful partnerships.

        Secondly, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. We continuously strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, exploring new technologies and methodologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and enhance security. Innovation drives progress, and we embrace it wholeheartedly.

        Integrity is non-negotiable; we uphold the highest ethical standards in all our interactions, acting with integrity and honesty in every decision we make. Integrity forms the bedrock of our reputation and is central to maintaining the trust of our clients and stakeholders.

        Additionally, collaboration is key to our success. We believe in the power of teamwork, working closely with our clients to co-create solutions that address their unique challenges and unlock new opportunities. And the most important of all is customer-centricity, which is at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize the needs and goals of our clients, striving to exceed their expectations at every turn. By placing the customer at the centre of our approach, we ensure that our solutions deliver tangible value and drive meaningful outcomes.

        Could you share some success stories or case studies of how Qila’s solutions have benefited enterprise clients?

          Certainly, Qila has numerous success stories highlighting how our solutions have significantly benefited enterprise clients across various sectors.

          One notable example comes from the healthcare industry, where a clinical research firm specializing in skincare products partnered with Qila to tokenize their research data. By leveraging Qila’s solutions, they enhanced transparency and trust in their operations. Cosmetic companies opting for their clinical research services now have access to these tokens through Qila’s PrivaSea wallet, enabling real-time tracking of research progress. Moreover, storing research data on the blockchain expedites regulatory approvals, streamlining the regulatory process.

          In another instance, a communication platform-as-a-service (cPaas) company integrated with Qila to enhance security in their communications. By minting NFT tokens on Qila’s ARK platform, they ensured secure communication, especially for sensitive information shared in sectors like banking, insurance, and healthcare. Tokenizing data and linking it to blockchain ensured data integrity, making it challenging for malicious actors to breach customer data, thereby mitigating legal risks.

          Furthermore, Qila’s solutions have revolutionized the education sector by tokenizing academic credentials such as transcripts and degrees. Students receive these credential tokens upon course completion, simplifying the verification process for higher education institutions and employers. With Qila’s NFT token solutions, verification becomes instantaneous, saving time and administrative burdens for all parties involved.

          How does Qila leverage its international presence across Mumbai, Dubai and Chicago to serve a diverse customer base?

            Qila strategically utilizes its international presence across Mumbai, Dubai, and Chicago to serve a diverse customer base by actively engaging with local events and industry activities. By participating in these gatherings, Qila not only stays abreast of emerging trends but also positions itself as a thought leader, sharing insights gained from its extensive customer experience.

            Furthermore, Qila recognizes the significance of metropolitan cities as early adopters of new technologies. Leveraging its understanding of this dynamic, Qila effectively tailors its solutions to meet the specific needs of different sectors prevalent in these regions. This proactive approach enables Qila to establish meaningful connections and secure valuable leads and clients across various industries.

            In essence, Qila’s strategy involves immersing itself in the vibrant tech ecosystems of Mumbai, Dubai, and Chicago, where it actively engages with local stakeholders, stays informed about industry developments, and adapts its offerings to address the evolving needs of its diverse customer base. This multifaceted approach underscores Qila’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions and driving innovation within the global tech landscape.

            What strategies does Qila employ to ensure seamless collaboration and communication across its global offices?

              Qila fosters seamless collaboration and communication across its global offices through several strategic approaches designed to promote unity and efficiency.

              Firstly, Qila maintains a flat hierarchy and decentralized ecosystem, allowing for streamlined decision-making and fostering a sense of ownership among team members. This organizational structure ensures that every individual is aligned with the common vision of innovation and growth.

              Additionally, Qila emphasizes the sharing of success stories and best practices across regions during regular meetings and calls. By exchanging insights and learnings, teams can adapt universal approaches from Qila’s offerings while tailoring them to the unique needs of each region and enterprise within specific sectors. This collaborative approach ensures that communication remains fluid and effective, promoting a cohesive working environment across global offices.

              In essence, Qila’s strategies for seamless collaboration and communication revolve around creating a shared understanding of objectives, fostering open dialogue, and encouraging cross-regional knowledge sharing. These efforts contribute to a cohesive global team that is well-equipped to deliver innovative solutions to clients worldwide.

              How does Qila ensure data security and privacy for its clients?

                Qila prioritizes data security and privacy as fundamental principles within its operations, especially in the realm of web3 technologies such as blockchain and tokenization.

                Central to Qila’s offering are the core values of Security, Transparency, and Trust.

                Ensuring the security and privacy of client data is non-negotiable for Qila. The company leaves no room for compromise or shortcuts in this regard. It places the highest emphasis on adhering to compliance guidelines related to data handling and protection, as well as implementing robust security protocols.

                Qila maintains its private cloud infrastructure, meticulously aligned with stringent standards such as GDPR and other regulatory frameworks. By investing in a secure infrastructure, Qila ensures that client data always remains safeguarded. Moreover, Qila customizes its approach to data protection and management based on the specific needs and regional regulations of its clients, thereby providing tailored solutions that prioritize security and safety.

                In essence, Qila’s commitment to data security and privacy underscores its dedication to providing clients with a trusted and reliable platform. By upholding the highest standards of security, Qila ensures that clients can confidently leverage its solutions while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of their data.

                What are the future plans or roadmap for Qila in terms of product development and market expansion?

                  Qila envisions becoming the ubiquitous could for web3 solutions, addressing the diverse needs of enterprises across various sectors. Our journey thus far has seen the launch of two key platform offerings: ARK (multi-tenanted) and ARK+ (Dedicated), empowering enterprises to seamlessly adopt blockchain and tokenization. Additionally, our token wallet application, PrivaSea, serves as a centralized hub for all tokens issued by our clients to their respective customers.

                  Looking ahead, Qila is focused on advancing product development to better serve our clients’ evolving needs. We are actively working on developing different protocol offerings to standardize solutions on our platform, facilitating quicker adherence to compliance and regulatory frameworks. Moreover, we have long-term plans to venture into the crypto market, aiming to create an interoperable platform, along with developing DApps and DeFi solutions. These initiatives align with our goal of positioning Qila as a comprehensive solution provider for all web3 infrastructure requirements.

                  How does Qila stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in blockchain technology to continuously enhance its offerings?

                    At Qila, we prioritize staying at the forefront of innovation and technology, continuously seeking ways to improve our solutions and enhance our offerings. To achieve this, we actively engage with the latest trends and developments in the web3 space through participation in tech events, webinars, conferences, and accelerator groups. Additionally, we conduct extensive research to stay informed about emerging offerings in the scientific community.

                    Our tech team is empowered to explore and develop new solutions that align with our core offerings, ensuring that we remain adaptable and responsive to evolving market needs. This approach allows us to create a roadmap for the adoption of innovative solutions, ultimately advancing our goal of becoming the ubiquitous cloud platform for web3 solutions.

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