Here are the 3 most in demand cloud security jobs for 2023

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Here are the 3 most in demand cloud security jobs for 2023 1

As we welcome a new year, there is no better time to embrace the opportunity for change. Whilst an impending recession and concerns over job security may be causing some people to think twice before they consider their career options, opportunities remain abundant in the tech world.


In a time when everyone is online, cyber security is critical for an organization’s success. Whether you are seeking a promotion or looking for an entry-level cyber security job that will help you to change your career, it is important that you take the time to look around and see what is available, before planning on the right move for you.

If you are looking for cloud security job opportunities, take a look at some of the most in-demand (and accessible cloud security jobs for 2023.

Cloud Security Engineer

A cloud security engineer works on the frontline of cloud security, protecting their organization, and their organization’s customers’ data.

As a cloud security engineer, you will spot potential threats and implement features that will help to maintain cloud security. As with  most roles, the specifics of a cloud security engineer post will range from one organization to another but in general, you will require in-depth experience of working in a cloud environment (e.g. AWS/Microsoft/Azure). An understanding of monitoring, endpoint detection, managing vulnerabilities and assessing security is intrinsic to the role. The role of cloud security engineer isn’t only a great entry to a mid-level role, but it is a great step in a career path, equipping you with the skills and understanding to progress to higher responsibility- and higher paid-  roles in the future.

Cloud Security Architect

In a time when everyone is online, cyber security architecture is critical for an organization’s success. Security architecture lays the foundations for cyber security as it needs to be today, while considering potential requirements as the organization grows. A Cloud Security Architect needs to stay ahead of current and emerging industry needs so that they can create a digital security support network that will protect their organizations.

When organizations migrate to the cloud, a host of unknown variables arise. Architects need to assess the data coming into them and determine how much they trust it, in order to protect their architecture from attack. All this must be done while ensuring that data compliance is met, and that processes are future proofed.

The role of cloud security architect is relatively new, and a reaction to the huge rise in organizations turning to the cloud. The job stems from several roles, including system architect, enterprise architect and security business solutions architect; as a result, there is a natural progression, with people experienced in those roles branching out to cloud security architecture.

In general terms, in order to secure a position as a cloud security architect, you will need to have built a wealth of experience working in Microsoft or Azure, with demonstrable knowledge in SIEM/SOAR implementation. An understanding of standard security operation is important so that strong defense is built into the architecture, and DevOps skills are important, too.

Director of Security

A senior role in cloud security has plenty of responsibility, and a benefits package to match. The cloud is no longer the home of tech companies alone; companies across industries are recognizing that, in order to compete, they need to move forward digitally. There is, therefore, an ever-growing demand for security leads. As Director of Security, you will lead the organization’s activities in reducing cyber risks. The level of the role means that, in order to be a successful applicant, you will need to have around a decade of IT experience, with a few years in leadership under your belt. A cloud expert, you will understand the regulatory and compliance needs of the organization in question and be able to audit and manage risks and vulnerabilities.

In order to undertake the role of Director of Security, your knowledge levels will need to extend throughout the full breadth of Cloud Security, as well as possessing management skills that showcase your ability to assess risk and produce strategies based on those risks and the organization’s needs. As with all high-level positions, the role can be competitive, but the rewards are significant. The right tech recruiter can help you to secure a position that meets your skill sets, in a company that meets your ethos.

Recruitment, particularly in the tech industry, is particularly challenging at the moment; the result of the Great Resignation, the rise of remote and hybrid working, and the huge increase in need for cloud specialists, across industries. For this reason, instead of focusing on external recruitment, many organizations are looking closer to home, at their current staff and home grown talent, which they can nurture to eventually take on more senior positions. If you have aspirations to become a cloud architect, it can be a good idea to look at the company you would like to work for, rather than fixating on the job that you want. Once you are in the right company, you can gain experience and demonstrate skills for the next rung of your career ladder.

If you have a desire to work in cloud security, at any level, but feel that you are lacking in some areas, or you are unsure of how best to achieve your ambitions, it is a good idea to speak to a tech recruiter about how you can develop your skill set so that you can work towards the role in the future.

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