Here’s how you can download iOS 10

iOS users, it is time to make merry because iOS once again ready to regain its throne which it had lost to Android a few years ago. Of course, the matter is debatable. But, yeah, Apple did fallback on its game there. But now, it is ready to get back to the field with its iOS 10.

While a few of iOS users might have already got a taste of the new iOS with its beta version, but now the update is available to everyone all around the world. The new version has a lot to offer to its users. A new and more powerful Siri, rich notifications, revamped iMessage and a redesigned home screen, are just some of the features coming to make your iOS device better and smarter than ever.

The new update will breath in some freshness into your device by providing you with a fresh and redesigned interface. It’s more smooth than you could ever imagine. When swiped left, the user is provided with immediate access to iPhone’s trademark quality camera. On the other hand, the right swipe gets one straight to their widgets, making them much easier to access than before.

One of the most interesting changes that will come your way once you update your iOS, is that Apple has made Siri a lot smarter than it ever was. Now, it can easily plug into other applications like one can now order a ride through Ola or even have Siri remember when they parked their car in crowded areas.

Coming to how to update to iOS 10, the process is quite simple and not that time consuming. Firstly, you need to ensure two things. First, that you are using a decent Wi-Fi connection. Second, your phone has at least 50 percent battery. If it’s anything less than a 50, the software won’t be updated. Once these two prerequisites are met, you can head over the settings section of your iOS device and select ‘general’. The next step is to press the Software Update button and click download. With this done, you will now have a iPhone which is much more better, faster, and feels fresh to use.


Written by Kirti Sharma

A technology and Bollywood junkie, she is always ready with her iPhone to jot down her ideas wherever and whenever she can. Have something to share? Shoot an email to her at [email protected]

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