Here’s how you can use 2 Facebook accounts on 1 Android phone

While Facebook endorses a one person, one account policy, there are people who still end up having two Facebook profiles. There are multiple reasons for the same. One can be your personal profile and the other profile for work/colleagues etc. or maybe one has one Facebook profile for their relatives while the other one for everyone else.

Anyone having two active Facebook profiles knows the pain of keep logging out from one profile and then logging in to another and having to keep repeating the cycle throughout the day. So, if you’re one of those who has two active Facebook profiles, this article is going to make your life much-much simpler.

Facebook actually has two Facebook Apps on offer in the Google PlayStore through which you can be logged into both your profiles 24×7. No, we’re not counting the Facebook Messenger App here.

Here’s how you can use two Facebook profiles on one Android phone without having to go through the ordeal of constantly logging in and logging out:

1) Install Facebook’s official app from the Google PlayStore and preferably use the Facebook account that you use the most. The app can be downloaded from here.

2) In order to use your second Facebook account, install the 2015 launched Facebook Lite App from the Google PlayStore.

Facebook’s official app is slightly different from the Facebook Lite App. The latter scores a little less marks on the user experience when compared to the official app. But, the Lite app is lighter, consumes less data and works better on 2G connections than the official Facebook app.

We are hopeful, that in the future Facebook will be able to make switching into multiple accounts much simpler than having to download two apps. Maybe, something on the similar lines of how Twitter has made switching into multiple accounts from within one app could serve as a reference point for the social networking giant.

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