Here’s how you can use the new WhatsApp font

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WhatsApp came into our lives more than half a decade ago, and since then has pretty much managed to take over our lives and make the ages-old messaging system a thing of the past. For most of us, our day starts by checking our WhatsApp messages and ends pretty much the same way. With the features of sharing audio, video, photographs, voice-message and documents, WhatsApp has become a hit with the almost every generation.

Over the years, WhatsApp has gone through various changes. The app’s user-interface changed and became better, sharing documents through a WhatsApp message become possible, conversing in voice-messages became a reality, but the one thing that didn’t change in over six years of the app’s existence is its font type. Well, it seems the Facebook acquired App has finally realised this and has introduced a feature that will now its users to choose another font for their WhatsApp conversations.

Available to the iOS and Android WhatsApp users, the feature allows the users to type in a new font, which is quite similar to Windows’ Fixedsys font. As of now, only one font has been launched in addition to the one that has always been there since the app’s existence.

While the new font might be able to pump in some newness/freshness into our mundane WhatsApp addictive lives, however, using the new font might prove to be a tiresome task for some. This is because, in order to use the new font the user will have to make use of backquote symbol () three times both before and after the text that they want to change the font of. That means, if a user wants to say a simple two Hi in the new font, they will have to write it as Hi`. Currently, the new font cannot be clubbed with other formatting options such as italics or bold.

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