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Hero Cycles to launch electric bicycle Lectro in UK

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Lectro which is as of now currently available in India with a starting cost of INR 18999 and going to a top-level of INR 26999 and manufactured at the company facility at Ludhiana.

Hero Cycles on Monday revealed that it would even launch its electric bicycles brand Lectro in the UK in the few coming months.

The company will now be going to use the existing distribution network with the help of a UK based Avocet Sports which it acquired in the year 2015 to make the product available in the EU and Britain, according to the Hero Cycle report.

“Over 45,000 units of Lectro are likely to be exported over the next few months with the product widely expected to find resonance among the British consumers,” it said.

As an innovative electric bicycle, lector is even expected to strike a chord with a wide range of consumers in the EU/UK from the office gears to the youth to the elderly, Hero Cycle Cycle chairman Pankaj Munjal revealed.

“The fact that it requires no charging stations has been a major factor in propelling its popularity since there is no range anxiety associated with it,” he added.

The company also revealed that Lectro had been designed at its global design center in Manchester in accordance with the taste and preference of the European people.

Hero Cycles also revealed that it is in talks with Japanese manufacturers with the possible collaboration in electric drive units to upgrade the overall experience of its customers.

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