Hidden AI Gems Inside iPhone Revealed

Apple is secretly testing new AI in iPhones, revolutionizing the experience. AI is the magic glue behind stunning photos and Siri's smarts.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
Hidden AI Gems Inside iPhone Revealed

Ssshhh! Its a secret. Apple is maintaining silence and testing generative AI in iPhones. The technology is quietly revolutionizing the iPhone experience. AI is like a magic glue and definitely makes iPhone awesome. It helps make photos look amazing and simultaneously powers Siri to help better.

Apple CEO Tim Cook lately threw a hint and acknowledged significance of generative AI as well as Apple’s investment in it. This means that a plethora of potential wave of AI-driven innovations is on the horizon. This also means that AI is gradually becoming a reality in iPhones.

Yes, and there is no wait. Some standout AI features are already at fingertips. One notable one is the Personal Voice, an accessibility feature that was introduced with iOS 17. It uses machine learning to replicate voice. This technology allows for seamless communication with loved ones through synthetic voice technology.


Another feature worth mentioning is the Live Text, which was introduced with iOS 15. Live Text transforms photos into a digital playground by recognizing text in images. This enables easy copying and pasting, whether it is handwritten notes or recipes.

iOS updates have also fine-tuned AutoCorrect, bidding farewell to frustrating autocorrect mishaps. With more accurate fixes and personalized predictive text, typing on your iPhone is now smoother than ever.

Behind every stunning iPhone snapshot lies AI wizardry. Portrait Mode creates captivating depth, while Cinematic Mode ensures cinematic-worthy focus. With iOS 17, even furry friends get the recognition they deserve in photos.

As users are eagerly anticipating the next move of the iDevice giant in the AI arena, let us revel in the marvels already within our grasp. From voice cloning to text recognition, AI is not just the future, but it is the present on iPhones.

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