Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Smart Home Devices

By Sunil Sonkar
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Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Smart Home Devices

This is a tech-driven world and our homes are equipped with smart devices to make our daily life easier and smooth. smart TVs, home hubs, virtual assistants and more such gadgets offer a glimpse into the future. These devices are convenient and also come with significant risks. Data reveals average home now has 21 connected devices. It is horrifying to know that each one is a potential entry point for cybercriminals.


A recent Bitdefender report highlights alarming scale of the threats. Bitdefender blocks in average 2.5 million threats daily. This translates to 1,736 threats every minute. The 2024 IoT Security Landscape report reported 9.1 billion security events in 2023.

Bitdefender reveals that modern devices today operate using intricate technology stacks. These are heavily depended on cloud connectivity. The combination of firmware and hardware creates a significant footprint and these are susceptible to attacks.

The report further sheds light on the types of devices which are most vulnerable to attacks. Smart TVs, smart plugs and digital video recorders (DVRs) are on the top of the list. Smart TVs are vulnerable due to their popularity and long lifespans.

RACAM Commercial Manager Calum Maguire said that CCTV cameras, smart thermostats and other such devices are potential entry points for cybercriminals. He highlighted the dual responsibility of manufacturers and users. Manufacturers must build secure products and regularly update them to patch vulnerabilities. Users must also stay vigilant and ensure that the devices are up-to-date.

Russian-Moldovan national Sergei Makinin started hacking hundreds of thousands of IoT devices in June 2019. He created a botnet named ‘Interplanetary Storm’ by December 2022 and it was capable of executing a range of malicious activities. The botnet was rented out to criminals on the dark web until the FBI dismantled it. The case highlights severity of the threat.

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