Hidden Risks of Data Centre Decommissioning

By Sunil Sonkar
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Hidden Risks of Data Centre Decommissioning

With the global data center market aiming for half-a-trillion dollars, saying goodbye to these tech hubs is becoming a big deal. Switching to cloud stuff and bringing data centers together is making IT leaders work extra hard to say bye to these gadgets the right way and keep it all good for the environment.


But, underneath this job that seems easy, there are some tricky bits that can make saying goodbye to tech stuff a bit puzzling. It is not just about making space, but it is about keeping valuable data safe, avoiding problems and getting the best value when saying goodbye to gadgets.

Think of the data center like the heart of a company, running all its tech operations. If you mess up when saying goodbye to it – like tossing out gear without proper security – it can cause big problems, like costing a ton of money. IBM says, Messing up with data security now costs around $4.45 million on average and that is 15% more than it was three years ago.

Making this easy? Just need a smart and well-decided plan. Start by checking all the equipment carefully, making sure you can track every piece throughout the goodbye process. Here comes ALM, a nifty tool to watch over servers, storage gear and other stuff.

ALM lets you check how old equipment is, how well it is working and if it is secure. This helps find problems early and know when gear needs an upgrade. It is a clever way to keep data safe and protecting your company as well as everyone involved.

But under the surface of this simple task, there are some tricky parts that can make it a bit confusing to say goodbye to tech stuff. It is not just about making space. It is also about keeping data safe and getting the most value when retiring gadgets.

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