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High-Tech Gadgets For Every Sleep Struggle

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Business can done with everything, so does the saying go. Everything that can relate to human activity, or inactivity, can be converted into a money-making machine. However, nobody must have ever thought that sleep could also be considered in a similar manner. However, as the latest trends suggest, everyone in United States are suffering from some kind of sleep problem or the other. Nothing else could explain the spending of 43 billion dollars for sleep aids as well as sleep inducing technology in the last year with this year showing the prediction of an even higher figure. Now that you are spoilt for choice, you must be wondering which gadgets you should choose so that you are rewarded with the best sleeping experience. Here are some of the names which you should consider by keeping the budget, feasibility as well as effectiveness of these gadgets in mind-

ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor

Surely, there can nothing be more irritating than carrying a wearable all the time, even during sleep. Hence, ResMed has come up with a unique solution where you can track your sleeping records without having an itchy feeling on your wrist. Once the rectangular device is facing you, your body movements as well as breathing frequencies are tracked. So, not only do you get update about your sleeping hours but also the quality of sleep too. You can tell if you are having bad dreams or your sleep is disturbed by major problems like sleep paralysis etc. The sleep score can be found out using the app the sensor provides.High-Tech Gadgets For Every Sleep Struggle

BEDDI Glow Smart Alarm Clock with Wake Up light

Another wonderful solution for your sleep, your sleep will not be broken by the sound of an irritating alarm rings. Once the alarm rings, a sense of procrastination sets deep in your body and you tend to try to sleep even more by deferring the alarm. But, this device simulates sunrise and it will be slowly glowing to the fullest according to the time you set in the alarm. So, if you want your extra hour of sleep someday, you can simply set the time accordingly and the BEEDI glow will ensure that your sleep is not disturbed by the sound of an alarm.

Smart Nora Snoring Solution

Snoring is a major problem for many, especially for people living together. Nobody wants a snorer as a partner or roommate, and Smart Nora has come up with a fantastic solution. The two-part device has an electronic sensor in the shape of a mouse sitting on the nightstand facing you with the pillow insert, inflated, and is attached to a fabric casing. Whenever you or someone else snores, the sensors detect the sound and the pillow sleeve inflates automatically. The movement of the pillow helps you relax your throat muscles and provide natural breathing experience to you.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

Designed by Rem-Fit, this smart pillow is a one-in-all sleep solution and hence, probably may well be beyond many people’s reach. However, its futuristic design can play a sound so minute that only the person sleeping can hear this sound and it will not disturb anyone else. For a couple whose sleeping cycles are vastly different, this solution may well be perfect. Attached are gyroscopes and multiple speakers as well as a microphone inside the pillow, which allows the whole thing to be played out while the soft foam enhances the pleasure of sleeping. You can track your sleep too using an app that is available with this device. However, the over dependence on motion detection on pillow may well be problematic for some people.

Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Coming from the brand of Under Armour, it is obvious that this sleep device will literally be sewed into the fabric of the garment you are wearing. The new fabric, hence, can absorb body heat and reflect back to produce far-infrared energy which has positive impact on your body muscles. It gives them the energy back while you rest and quickens your rejuvenation process. So, you are wearing a shirt or any other garment that can literally restore your energy and you will feel fresher than ever before. Surely, this is innovation per excellence and will be helpful for active bodies.

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