Hike Launches Web Platform of its Messaging App

By Sony T
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Hike Launches Web Platform of its Messaging App 1

After crossing one million active users on a weekly basis, Hike today revealed the web version of its Hike Sticker Chat, that will enable its users to chat over their personal computers as well.


“Hike Sticker Chat has crossed 1 million weekly active users. We are now unbundling our app. Instead of focusing on a just app, we are also going to multiple (platforms). This week, we have started rolling out Hike on the web. It can be used even if the user’s phone is switch off,” founder and Chief Executive Officer Kavin Bharti Mittal said.

He said that while working on a desktop or laptop, people do not want to keep looking at their phone. “With web application, we are making it convenient for them to engage with their friends.”. The company has also started rolling out auto-backup of users’ data.

“People change their phone more often, there is massive tediousness around back-up. We needed to resolve it once and for all, because the data is so cheap. Everybody wants back-up. Those who don’t want to have back-up can choose not to have back-up,” Mittal said.

To push with its adoption of the Hike Sticker Chat app, the company is also working closely working on a feature that will allow sharing of stickers across all the Instant Messaging platforms.

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