Home automation and smart homes – roots and realities

Home automation and smart homes – roots and realities

In the digital world our homes are also becoming digital. In our rapid lifestyles, it is absolutely necessary to have digital appliances. These appliances keep us in ease and they also communicate with each other. From monitoring the light, sound, temperature and the appliances the Internet of Things are ruling the world. A smart home is the ultimate option which is changing our lives. From keeping an eye on your baby to switch off the lights, the smart homes have all the features.

The smart homes are ruling the market these days. The companies are trying to bring many such smart devices which the owners can control with their smart phones. From Amazon to Google, they are all trying bring changes in the home automation. Unlike the earlier days, the smart home devices are becoming more affordable for the common mass. People are learning to make their lives easier and better. The Internet of things is also helping the people to save energy. For example, if you have turned on your air conditioner on and left home, then you can automatically switch it off. These technologies are not burning holes in the pocket of the people.

Smart home devices like gas leakage detectors, cameras, smart door locks, fire detectors, auto lighting system and entertainment systems are helping in keeping surveillance in our homes. For every one home is their place where they feel secure, the smart homes devices are adding a high level security for the people. It is already estimated that in the next few years, the sale of the smart home devices will expand more. The demands for the smart devices are increasing because the smart phones only act as a remote control here. You can set up the devices according to your preference also.

 Home automation and smart homes – roots and realities

Let’s see the main components of the smart home technology here:


It is the technology where you can automate or schedule the activities from beforehand only. Based on your daily routine the smart devices can help you accordingly. Like if you want to go to jogging every morning then, you can set up a smart alarm or if you forget to drink water also you can add reminders. You can also control the lightning of your room according to your preference. If you have jumped in your bed and you are too lazy to walk up and switch off the lights then the smart devices are the ultimate option for you.

Remote control

The smart phones are the remote controls for the smart devices. You can operate your smart devices with few clicks in your smart phones. You can monitor the devices or get notifications about them in your smart phones.

Setting up the smart homes

For anyone to set up the smart phones they don’t need to be tech savvy, the

y can simply use them with few clicks. But choosing the right one depends on your needs. You can purchase the smart devices from any electronic store or in the online sites you can avail good discounts also. You should purchase compatible products so that can operate easily. The smart devices Interacts silently with each other.

Motion sensors, cameras, led lights and sound systems are available easily in the markets. You should also keep in mind that while setting up the smart home devices, you need to have trained technicians. Someone having knowledge of CEA-Comp TIA Certification has more knowledge of trouble shooting and setting up the networks. You should always keep in mind to purchase the same technology devices. It totally depends on you how much advance you want your homes to be and home much money you want to investment in the smart homes. If you want a secured home then purchasing the secured cameras, smart locks and alarms are the primary focus for you. If you want a smart relaxing home then choosing smart sensor lights, sounds and auto temperature controller are the right ones for you.

If you have any kids or any old person in your homes, the smart devices can also monitor them. They can look after the health care of the people. They can be reminded for taking any medicines or keeping a check on their blood sugar or simply keeping an eye like a virtual nurse. In a rapid world, hardly have we stayed at our homes but it becomes necessary to keep an eye on the elder and the younger ones. Thus the smart homes are the ultimate choice.Home automation and smart homes – roots and realities

Let’s check out the advantages and the disadvantages of the smart homes

  • Despite where ever you are located you can control your home devices with your smart phones. You can switch on your ac if you are on the way to your home.
  • You can control the sound and you can also set up a fixed time when you can get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine also.
  • At night if your kid wants to go to the bathroom, the auto light detector can intelligently light up the bathroom also.
  • The fire alarm can automatically trigger and open the doors for the fire department in times of any disaster.
  • If you are going outside, then the smart alarms and the cameras can help in adding an extra level of security for your homes. You can leave your homes safe and secure with the help of the smart devices.
  • The smart device also makes everyone smart citizen also. People can save energy and it also helps them in saving their bills.
  • The smart devices monitor the elder and the younger ones very well. They always keep you informed and they never leave you alone in any situation.

Apart from the above advantages,

Disadvantages of the smart home technology:

  • The use of smart devices is quite restricted as people need to have the basic knowledge of technology. They cannot operate it without the bare minimum knowledge of smart phones and devices. For many elder people it becomes a hassle for them to use.
  • In case of any intrusion, if the hacker gets the codes then it will be really difficult for the home owners also to get into the house. They will lose access also in these cases. The hacker will hack the whole control system and it will be a huge threat for the owners.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of the smart homes is Internet disability. If the internet gets disrupted due to any reasons like bad weather, or ceased in error of the Internet then the home owners will be totally at a risk. As their television, homes and the other devices are totally based on Internet. Their smart cameras will also not operate at those times. This will be a major risk factor for the people. It can also lead to theft or any potential damage.

If the older people are dependent on the smart devices for taking their medicines or doing home tests then they cannot be monitored also. It may also affect their health conditions.

  • Apart from these, the smart devices for the whole house are bit expensive. It requires a huge investment. Maintenance of the devices are also bit tough as they need to be troubleshooted only by the trained technicians. They need to be highly protected also. Otherwise it may be hacked down easily.

Few of the popular smart devices in the markets are highlighted here:

Amazon Echo

The built in voice control speaker called Alexa is the part of Amazon echo. It is nothing but Bluetooth speakers which answers to your questions on the go. Just like you have siri in your phone, in the same way you have Amazon Echo for your homes. It can perform any task based on your reqirement.

Philips Hue lights

The Philips Hue lights comes with a bridge and three led bulbs. Once they are connected then they can be operated with your smart phone. You can change the colouring as well as the lighting of the bulbs at any time.

WeMo witches

The WeMo switches come with motion detector and switch. Once they are connected, you need to download the Belkin app to operate. You can turn on or off the lights as per your requirements.

With the smart changing world, our homes are also becoming smart. Thus the smart devices are revolutionist our world.

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