Honda taps SoundHound to help make an in-car AI assistant

One of the largest car manufacturer Honda has not been shy about wanting an Artificial Intelligence assistant in its cars and it is also bringing in a partner to ensure that there must be an assistant that one you will want to use.

The automaker has also tapped the SoundHound to speed up the research and development process of its Artificial Intelligence companion. Thanks to the new platform that is Houndify, with the help of which your ride should understand conversational and natural voice command which also include the ones that entirely depend on the contextual details like your past request and location.

If this should sound, Kia and Hyundai are also using the SoundHound technology to power up their respective assistants. For which you will never get a cookie cutter rich experience when Honda is looking to provide a free to customize the experience and add its flourishes, but it could also lead to your future ride while sharing some of the major technology in common with a rival brand.

Customer in car assistants have also been tended to be less than the beautiful unit recently, and while some of the other companies can justify according to their development process of their own AI helpers largely the in-house team, frameworks like the Houndify could make sure that some of the other brands are not left behind the same.

This voice platform as also released by the BMW for its custom-built in-vehicle voice assistant. As voice assistant also gain more automakers, household penetration. A car company cannot simply turn to the Amazon and built-in Alexa as well.

As of now, Alexa is not meant to be used for in-car users, but rather the car companies must use off the shelf system from the SoundHound to built up their service.

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