Hood Launches Whistle to Monitor and Analyze Startup Performance

By Sunil Sonkar
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Hood Launches Whistle to Monitor and Analyze Startup Performance

The world of startups is fast paced and its landscape can change overnight. Having accurate and timely information is crucial. Pseudonymous social networking platform Hood has stepped up the challenge. It has launched a tool named ‘Whistle’. It is basically designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the health of a company. It claims to deliver deep insights. It states that the result could be game-changing for young professionals.


Whistle is more than a simple metrics dashboard. It provides overall health score of a company based various parameters including financial performance, recent layoffs, valuation, revenue multiples, growth rates and debt-to-equity ratios. The information ensures to provide users a view of stability and prospects about a company. It will therefore help professionals in making informed decisions about potential employers.

The tool categorizes the health into scores ranging from “Very Poor” to “Excellent.” It updates the scores on daily basis to ensure current insights are made available. The constant updating is critical.

The name ‘Whistle’ is inspired from the concept of a whistleblower, which is synonymous with unveiling the truth. Co-founder Abhishek Asthana said that they want to create a discussion board for individual companies to get qualitative insights apart from quantitative data. The approach is dual and aims to give users a holistic view. It combines hard data with personal experiences from inside the company.

Hood was founded in July 2021 by Jasveer Singh and Abhishek Asthana. It quickly become a safe haven for anonymous expression. Users can share their thoughts and opinions without fear of backlash on the platform by using pseudonyms and selecting topics of interest. The anonymity feature encourages honest and open communication. Its commitment to privacy and user security has been significant.

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