How AI Features Add Value to Small Business Mobile Apps

How AI Features Add Value to Small Business Mobile Apps 1

A mobile application is a compelling way for small businesses to streamline communication, increase customer engagement, and build a viable online marketplace.

Add the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to the mix, and SMBs have the technology necessary to cut through hordes of data to make smarter decisions faster.

This article examines how integrating AI into a mobile app can create a powerhouse of productivity for your clients, customers, and internal colleagues.

Analytics Can Transform Business Data Into Gold

Small businesses often have employees that serve as “jacks of all trades,” meaning they cover a wide range of requirements while considering time and money constraints.

This may not leave much time for them to analyze large quantities of business statistics and make data-backed decisions about the future.

AI can add value to small business’ apps by analyzing large quantities of data, identifying patterns, and generating reports in real-time.

B2B apps such as the project management tool Asana, have successfully incorporated AI-backed business intelligence into their existing functionalities.

The intelligence tool pulls statistics (e.g. revenue, expenses, and profit) from various tools to display a customized report.

Dynamic business reports that are accessible via a smartphone means they are viewable anywhere anytime – a valuable offer for a small business owner on-the-go.

If your mobile app already processes business data (e.g. revenue, employee hours, expenses), consider using an AI application to turn the statistics into gold!

AI Uncovers UX Insight

If you’re a small, expanding business, you’re likely interested in how to improve customers’ experience on with your brand.

A customer-facing mobile app offers a trove of data about your users’ habits and preferences.

Incorporating AI-enhanced data analytics (e.g. Google Analytics Intelligence) with your mobile application can provide descriptive reports that help you better cater your solution to your consumer.

Source: Google Support

These reports also help your small business discover key areas drive user engagement, insights which can open up new product or service possibilities.

If you already have a customer-facing app and you aren’t using intelligent analytics, there’s likely a mountain of waiting for your business to take advantage of.

Chatbots Conserve Internal Resources

Administrative work is necessary to keep any business afloat, but for small businesses especially, menial duties can eat up a portion of experienced professionals’ workflows.

Potential partners and customers may ask many repetitive questions about the brand and its offerings. Many stakeholder inquiries occur via mobile devices.

Your company needs to be prepared to provide quick customer service and accurate responses, which Cost to Build a Marketplace Mobile App.

AI tools such as mobile chatbots give immediate, to-the-point responses with the possibility of looping in a representative as needed.

Using a chatbot, your small business can answer customer questions by filtering user preferences and then assigning the ultimate judgment to the best-equipped employee.

Chatbots offers customers an immediate way to ask questions and moves valuable internal resources away from administrative tasks. If you already have an app for your business, consider how incorporating a chatbot could increase internal efficiency.

AI Boosts The Mobile Marketplace

Customers’ expectations continue to rise in correlation with marketplace advancements.

If your small business already has an e-commerce store, you may consider developing an app to cultivate a seamless omnichannel experience.

Not only will customers look for your brand’s Mcommerce app, but they will also appreciate an experience powered by AI. Virtual assistants and optimized product suggestions are both AI-backed opportunities that could add value to a Mcommerce solution.

Maintaining personalized engagements with consumers can be difficult if you’re a small business. AI tools can store a visitor’s usage history to better assist them with future sessions.

Whether through a virtual assistant or personalized product feed, intelligent marketplaces foster a welcoming, individualized experience for customers.

Use AI to Improve Your Small Business App Experience

There are a myriad of opportunities within the intersection of AI and mobile applications for small businesses to consider.

AI-enhanced mobile applications could reveal business or consumer insights, strengthen a customer’s relationship with a brand, or improve the UX of a marketplace.

Bio: Nicole Schlabach curates and processes reviews content for Clutch, a platform for businesses to find the best partner for their services needs.

Nicole Schlabach curates and processes reviews content for Clutch, a platform for businesses to find the best partner for their services needs. 

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