How AI Helped Kerala’s Kitchen Treasures Optimize Sales

By Sunil Sonkar
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How AI Helped Kerala’s Kitchen Treasures Optimize Sales

Intergrow Brands has lately embraced artificial intelligence (AI) and the primary focus is to transform its sales strategy. It has partnered with AI consultancy Datadivr to enhance its customer outreach as well as sales efficiency.


Intergrow Brands is the company known for supporting the popular Kerala spice brand Kitchen Treasures. India’s food industry is thriving and it is projected to reach $220 billion by 2025.

However, Intergrow faced challenges in identifying promising stores and ensuring the diverse product range was visible to customers. The expertise of Datadivr in AI will be of great help in such a scenario.

The trained machine learning models of Datadivr is tailored to the needs of Intergrow. The models along with market knowledge of Intergrow are believed to boost efficiency and productivity. It will optimize sales routes and highlight underrepresented products for the Kerala sales team.

The AI-driven solution will also make life easier for the sales team. It will smartly categorize stores and minimize unnecessary visits as well as maximize results.

Intergrow Brands CEO Ashok Mani said that they were earlier covering over 50 outlets inefficiently and now are able to cover effectively all the stores over multiple days. The sales have increased without compromising service levels. They have achieved it with the help of AI tools.

Intergrow Brands is part of Synthite, which is the largest producer of value-added spices in the world. It is now the second largest player in Kerala’s packaged spices market with the success of Kitchen Treasures. Datadivr is learned to continue working with Intergrow and focus on data-driven returns on investment as well as make full use of AI for future growth.

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