How AI, including ChatGPT, is Revolutionizing Healthcare in 2024

By Srikanth
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How AI, including ChatGPT, is Revolutionizing Healthcare in 2024 1

In 2023, AI, like ChatGPT, became a big deal in healthcare. The World Health Organization thinks AI can change healthcare. Now, in 2024, Canadian experts are figuring out how AI will be a big part of healthcare.


AI is making healthcare more personal. Roxana Sultan from the Vector Institute in Toronto says soon AI will look at a lot of information about a patient, not just X-rays. It will look at notes from doctors, lab results, medicines and genetics. This helps not only to find out what is wrong but also to make a special plan for each person.

AI is also making clinical trials faster. These trials test new medicines. Sue Paish from DIGITAL says AI can look at billions of data pieces in a second. This means we can find out fast if new medicines are safe and work well.

But, using AI in healthcare needs good data. If the data is not good, the answers from AI won’t be good either. So, it is important to use data from trusted places.

AI is also helping folks take care of their health. Some wear special AI devices that help them check how they are doing, especially people with heart issues. In faraway places, AI is used to check wounds through cellphones. The smart AI sends info to doctors and they can help patients without even meeting them.

But, when we use AI in healthcare, we need to be careful. Dr. Theresa Tam says we need rules to keep patient privacy safe. This means using AI in the right way.

In 2024, healthcare will be more personal and better for patients. But we also need to be careful and use AI in a way that is fair as well as safe for everyone.
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