How AI Is Transforming App Development?

How AI Is Transforming App Development? 1

Today, mobile applications are being developed for almost everything. Due to a cut-throat competition among businesses across fields, mobile app developers are trying to come up with more unique and sophisticated apps day by day. Apps help businesses to reach their audience and provide services anytime and anywhere.

Increased use of technology and implementing wiser tools in app development led to the outcome of desired results in no time. Especially, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is dominating the app development and transformed the way apps are developed. Adapting Artificial Intelligence led to the easy completion of tasks that demanded a great manpower and skill.

For businesses, artificial intelligence is a functional reality. New startups to top multinational giants, every business is trying to maximize the use of cognitive technology and it’s tools.

This is especially true with app development. With wide usage and extensive research simultaneously happening today, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is transforming app development at a rapid pace.

Today, Artificial Intelligence in systems and applications is fetching far more productive outcomes than when almost all the functions of applications were carried out manually. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, we have some amazing technologies that we haven’t imagined a few years ago.

Let us look at how Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the face of app development.

  1.   Low code framework

It is a fact that coding is the most time consuming and hectic task in app development. It also needs a great skill to write codes every time a new app is developed. But these Low code frameworks have reduced more than 90% of burden and made app development more productively efficient than ever.

So, every time a developer develops an app, there is no need of writing codes from the beginning. This way, both developers and businesses can benefit from the end product with almost no errors or manual issues which otherwise are most common.

App development with low code frameworks relies on automatic code generation and specific model design which were only possible with Artificial intelligence. A major advantage of these frameworks is that developers get to invest their time productively on the interactive aspects of apps like user interface and user experience that matter the most to attract more users.

Today, developers with a clear understanding of AI based concepts have much demand because of their ability to deploy creative codes whose functions can be further carried out by AI tools.

a) Reduced Investment Burden

Other important uses of Low code frameworks is that a reduced investment. Businesses do not have to spend a major part of their capital in developing apps. These frameworks facilitate pay-as-you-go mode of payment. This way, businesses can also discover new features and add them to their apps and pay for them at different point of times.

b) Saves Time

Today, time is the major constraint in app development. With a surge in demand and increasing competition, businesses only look for a time effective methods and take up every opportunity to produce apps in no time.

c) Flexibility

Technologies do not remain constant. There are new technology tools coming up every day and old tools are undergoing several changes. These frameworks that are completely based on Artificial Intelligence adopt new technological environments and show a great capacity for flexibility.

Be it cloud technology or any futuristic technology low-code based applications are compatible and go hand in hand with them.


AI has transformed the feature of interactivity in apps. The tools of Artificial Intelligence help developers come up with apps with engaging features.

They constantly improve the user experience based on self-learning tools that analyze the behavior patterns of the users and predicts their further actions.

Users also look for advanced features that can cater to their increasing demands and needs. Using the available existing data and drawing new data time to time, AI integrated applications can boost user interactions by improving personalized features.

Some issues that pose a risk of bad interactivity can be easily solved using self learning AI technology without the involvement of manpower.

New technological models and services are also integrated with advanced AI tools. This enables production of insights that are based on the on spot data analysis.

What is more interesting in AI is its ability to give predictive and desired experience to the users. Every time a users use the application, their data is converted into a meaningful information that help businesses meet the user expectations and deliver quality products.

There is a long list of examples to show how certain features derived complete potential of AI to give the users a whole new experience that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Voice recognition features, personalized shopping lists, menu options based on previous choices and the list goes on. These are undoubtedly the perks of advancement of Artificial Intelligence in app development.

IoT and Mobile Applications

Internet of things boosted by Artificial Intelligence and cloud technology is also a revolutionary transformation in the field of app development.

Every other gadget you use or the appliances at your home or work place are connected to mobile apps. You can control other devices on your mobile screen. This is in fact the smartest advancement today. IoT increased the usage of AI tools in Mobile app development. A great deal of physical activity can be reduced with these apps.

At a rapid pace, AI is finding its place in various processes across industries. AI based apps have a power to completely transform the way users interact with gadgets and acquire services.  It can be inferred that the future of mobile app development would undergo unexpected transformations and  undergo changes that present are more powerful than that are available today.

Written by Honey Thomas

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