How AI is Transforming The Transportation Industry

By Sony T
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How AI is Transforming The Transportation Industry 1

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the biggest scientific contribution to the world in the last decade. People started using this technology in every sector and increased the efficiency of their work. If you are not coherent with this concept, think of the automated replies you get when you put forward a query to any company. These replies are the result of artificial intelligence. You can also consider the automated inputs in any company’s system, which are basically AI in logistics.


Artificial intelligence has moved into the transportation sector as well. Let us look at some of the applications of artificial intelligence in this field.

1. Self-driving Vehicles

People went crazy about self-driving cars when they were introduced on the roads. These cars do not need a driver. They have the ability to sense the local environment and move around safely. It uses several technologies like GPS, sonar, radar, etc., to sense its surrounding. The response to its environment is quick so that no harm is caused. However, these cars can be very expensive.

2. Traffic Management

Traffic management can become hectic if not properly controlled. Some of the streets in Asia are so congested that they have experienced a lot of accidents. It becomes very difficult for humans to control the traffic of a place. Therefore, they have introduced AI for traffic management as well. This includes CCTV cameras, sensors, detectors, and recorders, making the data and taking appropriate steps according to the ongoing algorithm. Such a step has been able to control traffic efficiently.

3. Drone Control

Drone control is another application of AI in the transportation industry. To avoid traffic, drones can be used as a delivery system. It can also be used for delivering passengers, although it is a theoretical concept till now. Drone cameras can also be used to monitor the traffic and send important signals to the control room. These technologies will be a huge boost to the transportation industry.

4. Life-saving Cars

Most accidents are associated with cars. Several thousand people die due to car accidents. To minimize the death rate, several life-saving equipments have been included in the car set up. These equipment’s have auto-sensing technology and get activated in times of accidents. For example, airbags have been installed in these cars to minimize the effect of car crashes.

5. Autonomous Trucks

Most road accidents involve trucks. These are heavy vehicles that can cause serious loss of life and money whenever it gets into accidents. To avoid such mishaps, autonomous trucks have been included in the market. These trucks have proper sensing technology that can sense its surrounding on the road, especially while taking a bend. These technologies will help to reduce the accident rate with trucks.

6. AI in Public Transportation

Although AI in public transportation is still in the nascent stage, many countries are planning to launch new projects on this topic. Nevertheless, AI has been used to support security management, passenger flow, and fraud detection.

AI has the possibility of extending its application to all public sectors of the next generation. The days are not far when we will have reduced car accidents, reduced traffic congestion, and smoother operation on the roads due to AI.

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